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The Power Walk

When you find yourself (1) looking for a couple of new ideas, (2) needing a recharge, or (3) seeking something to rejuvenate your energy, I think I just might have a solution.

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The Power Walk is an effective marketing tool that just might serve you well.

Try it once and soon you will be making this a habit. Get out of your office and take a walk for the next 60-days. Twenty minutes will do. Thirty minutes is better.

No agenda is necessary or required. The positive effects will surface all by themselves. Your mind will take over, and when ready, exciting ideas, solutions, thoughts and remedies will pop into frame.

Don’t force it. The Power Walk has refined itself over the last 500 years, and it works with little or no practice. Just take a walk. Answers, solutions and ideas will result.

You might ask, “How far do I have to walk?”

My answer: When you start getting tired, turn around and head back home. The idea is to shake yourself out of your daily routine, and enjoy the world around you while grabbing a bit of exercise. You will soon see that when you move your legs your mind will do the rest.

A close relative to the Power Walk is the Power Shower. Hot water bouncing off your body does wonders for the creative mind as well. The Power Shower also works in amazing ways.

Don’t make this thing difficult. All you have to do is take a walk and follow it with a shower now and then, and you will arrive at all the answers you will ever need.

It is a new day. The time is ideal to reenergize yourself. Begin the process today. Take a walk.

Bonus Report: Send me an email with the number “12” in the subject box and I will send you a complimentary copy of my 12-Word Marketing Plan. 

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