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To Tell You the Truth

Don’t you just LOVE that phrase? “To tell you the truth.” This phrase is on the same page as “I’ll be honest with you.”

Here is an idea: Let’s be honest with each other for a change. Let’s see how it feels to be honest. You go first.

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To tell you the truth, this leads me to today’s message. Keeping this among us, there are times when I just feel like throwing in the towel. Things just stop working the way I had imagined and the harder I try, the more I find myself questioning my tactics, education, experiences, up-bringing, choice of religion, personality and choice of after shave. Why bother? I remember once blaming it on my haircut. (It doesn’t get any worse than that!)

Now you know the truth. I am human and experience every form of self-doubt that you do. I get frustrated. I second-guess things. I blame and wish things were different.

Have I disappointed you? I don’t blame you. After all, if the people you rely on to pick you up regularly also spend time in the dumper, whom can you turn to for support? What is this world coming to?

I have a solution. Let’s schedule a webinar and have one huge, Guiness Book of Records-Caliber Pity Party. This would go viral, and we all would become world-famous, record-setting cry-babies.

Or, we can try something else. Like remembering how lucky we are to be in the best industry imaginable. To focus on our good clients, and be thankful for every one of them. To call a good friend, mentor, coach or associate who will give us a swift kick in the hind quarters and remind us of what still needs doing. To look at how far we have come in this business and how far we still need to go. There is much more I can say, but I think you are getting the picture.

To tell you the truth, I don’t like me when I find myself feeling like this … and thinking this way. I think it is selfish behavior. It takes too much time away from the good I could be doing.

“Cut the crap Mike. Get back to looking for that next travel agent you can help. Get back to doing what you do best … and that does not include whining. Be human, if you insist. But then get back to being the exception. Practice what you preach. People need you.”

And to tell you the truth, people need you, too.

I feel better already. Sometimes we just need to vent … to talk to somebody … to document our feelings … to remember how good we have it. I’ll see ya around the world. I have things to do. (And so do you.)


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