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Experience Travel The Way It Was Meant To Be With Downtown Travel

Mira Borukhin had just finished her BA in Advertising at a New York City college and started working for an airline where soon, she became the top salesperson. Then, her urge for entrepreneurship took over and she opened a small travel agency in the shadows of the World Trade Center. Downtown Travel was born in the mid 80’s based on the principles of tough work ethics and great customer service.

In only a few short years, Downtown Travel was well known for its traffic to Western Europe and dominance in Eastern European countries. Some airlines noticed the fast pace and offered direct contracts, allowing the agency to become a small consolidator serving other agencies.

By the new millennium, Downtown Travel was a force to reckon with, becoming one of the top consolidators in the transatlantic market and the leader in travel to Eastern Europe.

Then, September 11, 2001 happened, and the agency was one of the many victims of the events. It was the end of the dream for many enterprises, but not to Downtown. Mira created opportunity out of adversity and in less than 2 weeks, with the help of a few friends and suppliers, she had relocated to a furnished office space in Mid-Manhattan and using old equipment she had in storage, the agency was operational by the time international flights resumed travel again. Since then, Downtown Travel has never stopped growing, always keeping the initial principles of dynamic action, honesty, and flawless customer service that set them apart from the competition. By the mid-2000’s, the agency had cemented its position as a leading force in the airline consolidation market, acquiring the best human resources and diversifying its product line.

In 2008, Downtown expanded its footprint by opening an office in Los Angeles to better develop the West Coast market.

The year 2010 saw the opening of another branch in Fort Lauderdale, FL, to serve new markets in the Eastern US.

By 2013, Downtown had become a leading consolidator – and the fastest growing one in the American market, offering a portfolio of more than 70 airlines, including many with exclusive contracts.

2014 has been another year of expansion with the creation of a Latin American Division to take advantage, not only of the potential that a growing Hispanic population represents, but also of the enormous growth of Latin American destinations.

Recognition that the client is king is the motto at this busy consolidator, so they do everything in their power to serve their clients the best possible way: the best net airfares and the highest commissions in economy and business classes, exclusive “Accu-Ticketing™” available 24/7, extended customer support hours, call centers with agent fluent in many languages to better serve their market, and prompt payment of commissions are some of their advantages.

On the way to becoming the leading consolidator in the US, Downtown Travel believes that being at the top is not reaching the end, so it decided to spin-off a Leisure Division – Holidays with Downtown – in 2015, bringing their clients a wider choice of products, including hotel stays, resort packages and tours, and the same trade mark of great ethics and excellent customer service that have been the backbone of their growth and success since the very beginning.

Join Downtown Travel by going to www.downtowntravel.com or by calling their call center at 1-855-855-0210.

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