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Focus! Worth Repeating

The main reason people are not more successful is that they dilute their efforts and try to do too many things for too many people in too many ways. We often try to achieve a level of proficiency that may be beyond our grasp.

FACT: You are you, and there is only 24-hours each day. How you decide to use your time (resources) is entirely up to you. Your choices will determine your success. You are the product of the choices you make.

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Bigger! Better! Faster! Leaner! Meaner! More! Less! Service! Quality! Relationships! Innovative! Smarter!

These words all have meaning and all make sense. These are this year’s popular buzz words… responsible for more debt. More stress. More Anxiety. More doubt. More sleepless nights. They are all the right words… but they could be watering down your daily efforts. Pick one.

If whatever you are doing isn’t working for you… maybe it is time to try something else. Something easier… and yes, even more logical.

You can take this… or leave it. But if you manage to plug this word into your daily routine, and give it more than just lip-service, it will serve you well in the months and years to come.

This might not be easy depending on your personality. This might even appear to be counter-productive for some of you. What this will do, however, is ensure that you are in business for a long, long time.

The word is FOCUS. Focus on your customers.

  • Focus on your strengths.
  • Focus on your business.
  • Focus on your target market.
  • Focus on today.
  • Focus on your career.
  • Focus on your sales & marketing tactics.
  • Focus on the results.
  • Focus on what you do best.

Whatever it is you decide to focus on, stop budgeting valuable time to chores, ideas, people and things that offer limited benefit to your well-being. Focus on that which promises the most likely return on your investment of both time and money.

The clock is ticking. The economy is what it is. The world is spinning in a new direction with no immediate relief in sight. Your success lies in your hands. Focus.

Mike Marchev is the author of the sales book titled Become The Exception and is a popular speaker at industry events. You can receive a complimentary copy of his Special Report titled “Your 12-Word Marketing Plan.” Email Mike and put the number “12” in the subject box. Also, ask about his 3rd Annual Training Cruise coming in November.


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