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Little Things Count

Little things make a huge difference in the way we are perceived among strangers. Here is an example of proof as it pertains to my public speaking business.

I direct a question to the female contingent of my audience. I ask the women if they would recognize and appreciate the courtesy of a man opening a car door for the woman. A resounding “YES” comes back from the group. Women from all audiences appreciate this courtesy although they are fully capable of opening their own doors.

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Woman do not NEED this courtesy, but they do appreciate the courtesy. And more importantly, they NOTICE.

Many people have become lazy, and it is for this reason I call your attention to this enormous opportunity to position you as someone special.

The car door was just an example. I am sure you can think of many similar situations. How about simple eye contact. Or opening and holding a swinging door… any door … at a Department Store. Or walking people to the door. Or calling people back in a timely fashion. Or sending thank-you cards. Or introducing yourself first, or standing when somebody approaches.

There are a million examples of forgotten courtesies. And thanks to our laid back society, each time you make an effort, you will be noticed for it.

I am not pontificating, or telling you what to do. I am suggesting that if you put a little more thought into your actions, you will benefit greatly from this unexpected behavior.

Today, and for the rest of this month, focus on doing little things well. Be polite. Be courteous. Be kind. Be alert. Be attentive. Be considerate. Be sincere.


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