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One Good One!

When the great advertising genius David Ogilvy started his business he found himself “pitching” his new one-man agency to a large prospect.  The smug buyer informed Ogilvy that his competition was offering to put 30 people on his account. He looked Ogilvy in the eye with a grin and asked, “How many people are you planning to put on my account?”

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Ogilvy responded without skipping a beat, “How about one good one?”

Ogilvy was awarded the business and rest is history.

There are good people out there, and there are less-than-adequate people given the same opportunity to deal with customers. Me, or any other gal/guy with a marketing opinion is not going to change that.  The competition is intense. Some practitioners are better than others.

You can’t change the world… but you can be on the lookout for good people. Once you find them, your life is bound to improve. As for the “marginal,” try to bypass them without allowing them time or opportunity to upset your day.

I am strongly suggesting that you and your “peeps” become recognized as one of the “good guys.” Work at it and realize that there are people out there waiting for you to freshen up their lives… to help them with their predicaments… to help them solve their problems.

Show a little enthusiasm. Go the extra mile. Share your sense of humor. Be empathetic. Be fun to be with. Be fun to be around. Be fun, period.

Be creative at times and a little “off-the-wall” if that is what makes you smile. Fail a little faster. Don’t take yourself (or your job) too seriously. Take your customers a little more seriously. Live life. Live large. Live life large.

When I find a person who can help me, my day brightens up.  Be one of those people. Get out there and brighten up somebody’s day.  Be one of the “Good Ones.” We need you.

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