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Poor Service Prevails

I was all ears when my host at a dinner party began sharing stories about his driveway service with the table full of influential neighbors.

He mentioned how he and his doctor golf cronies spend much of their Saturday morning sharing war stories about how their service providers are screwing things up for them. From lawn services to baby-sitters. From yelling matches to small claims court. What I ascertained from this discussion was that these wealthy consumers were not happy. And that there was a giant opportunity lurking in them hills.

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Even though (1) I don’t belong to a golf club, (2) I don’t hire baby sitters, and (3) my driveway is a functional piece of asphalt, I do consult with service providers who feel that the competition has become overwhelming. My advice; “Get over it. There are people out there who need you.”

As a general rule, service stinks today and, the poor service received is over-priced. This is the gospel according a bunch of wealthy New Jersey “swells” who are in need for people they can trust.


  1. Jesse James had it right when he told the judge he decided to rob banks ‘cuz that’s where the money was. GO WHERE THE MONEY IS.
  2. There is a good chance that the people who hold the purse strings are not enthralled with their current provider.  (More often the case than not.) ARE YOU HEARING ME?
  3. But, if these unhappy consumers of goods and services do not know you are alive, they won’t take the time or make the effort to go out and find you. It is up to you then to GET UP. GET OUT. GET VISIBLE.

If you are a good, honest and hard-working person, there is plenty of money out there for you. STOP WHINING… and simply go out and earn it.

Saturday night’s dinner was a great evening. I repeat: Interested and wealthy consumers are spending lots of time and energy bad-mouthing their current vendors and suppliers, but they are not doing anything about it because they don’t know what their options are.

Even worse, they are being driven to small claims court, and ending up doing it themselves. Pretty soon, “bad-mouthing customer service” may become an Olympic Sport now that they have approved Pole Dancing.

The opportunity looms large my friends. This is not just my mindless opinion. POOR SERVICE PREVAILS. Go out a do something about it.

Mike Marchev is the author of the sales book titled Become The Exception and is a popular speaker at industry events. You can receive a complimentary copy of his Special Report titled “Your 12-Word Marketing Plan.” Email Mike and put the number “12” in the subject box. Also, ask about his 3rd Annual Training Cruise coming in November. Mike@MikeMarchev.com.

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