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The Seinfeld Letter

I’ll explain in a moment why I call today’s communication The “Seinfeld” Letter. But first …

It was on a Monday when I began reading my latest book on sales titled SNAP Selling by Jill Konrath. I have spoken to Jill a number of times on the phone, and I like her style and personality. I enjoyed her first book titled Selling To Big Companies and was looking forward to reading SNAP Selling.

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Within moments I found a passage worth pondering. “The people you are calling on suffer from a severe case of Frazzled Customer Syndrome, a debilitating condition brought on by excessive workloads, 24/7 availability, information overload, lack of sleep, and job-related stress.”

The 24/7 availability and information overload are what got my attention. Too much “stuff” available all the time is making us all a bit whacky.

That got me thinking. So, today I have decided to give you all a break. I am not going to say, suggest, recommend, inform, infer, hint, imply, deduce, induce or even slightly mention anything of current or impending value. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Bupcus. Squat.

And that is why, my dear readers, why I have creatively titled today’s communication The Seinfeld Letter. After all, wasn’t he the guy who produced his show all around “nothing.”

Take today off if you want. Take the rest of the week off if that will float your boat. Relax. Veg out. Slide into a near comatose frame of mind this week. Rid yourself of the Frazzled Person Syndrome and then, as if by design, get ready to attack the rest of the year with a vengeance … but you did not hear that from me. After all, today’s message contains nothing, remember?

I suppose it is alright for me to remind you to take care of yourself. You are all you’ve got. Treat yourself with respect. Stop beating yourself up, but also stop coddling yourself. I realize it does not grow on trees, but make it your primary objective this week to go have some fun. Just don’t get too used to it. On second thought … get used to it.

Got to go. I see I am drifting away from my Seinfeld model.

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