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Experience Higher Quality Travel With Tours 4 The World

Tours 4 The World began as BuyNetFares in 1992, started by Rosana Chermisqui. BuyNetFares sold tour packages to Latin America to travel agents through different advertisers, and due to the success of its relationship with the airlines, also became an airline consolidator. At that time in the 1990’s, it was easier to sell packages that included airfare, especially from JFK, LAX, and MIA.

The company continued to grow, even after the events of September 11. Travelers did not feel confident enough to fly to long-distance destinations like Europe, but felt safe to travel to different locations in Latin America, Brazil being the number one destination.   Partnering with Marriott, Costa do Sauipe became a popular destination from 2001 till 2005. On February of 2005, Rosana sold BuyNetFares and began working as a consultant for other tour companies, both in the US and abroad.

In 2010, Rosana created a new travel company called Tours 4 The World. They pride themselves on fully escorted tour packages for small groups (maximum 14 people), with guaranteed departures to over 40 countries. All hotels are inspected, and Tours 4 The World consistently keeps a high standard of service, quality, and security.  Tours 4 The World also offers customized itineraries so you can travel your way.

We make sure that when you or your clients travel with Tours4theworld.com, everyone is in excellent hands.

Tours 4 The World is proud of its continuing reputation as a premier partner: they understand that the quality of the relationship it builds with travel agents is key to providing services beyond expectations, whether it’s offering one-on-one consultation or making sure that the travel agent sounds like an expert on the destination they’re selling to their clients. Tours 4 The World also offers customized paper and electronic advertorial materials for travel agents, and commissions are paid promptly, with mark-ups offered on FITs trips.

Experience is our biggest component.

-Rosana Chermisqui

In 2013, Tours 4 The World launched Tours 4 Women. It continues to be a very successful program., and many destinations are done with a dedicated Tour Leader. Tours 4 Women will also be launching a brand new website at tours4women.net, which will host many more travel itineraries for women of all ages, including special themed packages. Tours 4 The World is also looking for travel agents that are highly enthusiastic and qualified tour leaders. The travel agent will lead a small tour of 12-14 women to different destinations around the world, and will travel for FREE.

Why Tours 4 The World?

  • Tours 4 The World is proud of its reputation and works hard to maintain it.
  • With over 20 years of experience in wholesaling, our professional team has provided travel agents and travelers with the most fulfilling and memorable travel experiences.
  • We offer tour packages to most destinations throughout the world.
  • Safety is our number one priority.
  • We provide escorted itineraries for small groups between 10-14 people on specific dates during the year.
  • We can help travel agents customize itineraries for their clients.
  • We offer Tours 4 Women and Unique Tours: both are escorted tours with a Tour Coordinator, who oversees the group activities and ensures the safety of the group.
  • We ONLY work with travel agents.
  • We offer affordable, fully escorted tour packages.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Commissions are paid promptly.
  • We offer full destination media services for travel agents (from teaching a destination to customized flyers)
  • We offer you the chance to become a Tour Leader and travel for FREE!

What is Rosana doing today? She still keeps herself busy, between training Tour Leaders and taking different groups of women or travel agents on trips to different parts of the world.

To learn more about Tours 4 The World tour packages or to learn more about becoming a Tours 4 Women Tour Leader, please visit them online at www.tours4theworld.com or call them toll free 800-983-5352.

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