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Fly The Colors Of The Pacific With Aircalin

Aircalin is New Caledonia’s international airline, and for over 30 years, Aircalin has been instrumental in furthering New Caledonia’s economic development, and providing New Caledonians with a gateway to the world. Blessed with an outstanding wealth of unspoilt scenery, New Caledonia has always had the huge potential for tourism. Promoting New Caledonia worldwide by developing international visitor flows is one of Aircalin’s key missions.


Safety is our priority; excellence is our commitment. Constantly seeking to provide an ever-higher quality of customer service rivaling that of top major airlines, Aircalin ensures that their operations meet the most exacting requirements laid down by European standards. They have had a successful commercial agreement with Air France-KLM for over 10 years, and are a partner in the SkyTeam frequent flyer program. Aircalin has worked actively to both initiate and conclude codeshare agreements and special prorate agreements aimed at offering customers a full panoply of travel routes linking New Caledonia to the world via Nouméa. The newest  codeshare partner Air Tahiti Nui provides over the water lift from Los Angeles International Airport via Papeete and Auckland to New Caledonia.  These routes maybe plated on Aircalin’s two letter code SB to receive a 5% commission.

The safety and security of aviation operations constitute the number one priority of the airline, its senior management and every member of its staff. They lie at the heart of the airline’s quality policy and commitment to guarantee our customers the best possible conditions when they travel with us.

Aircalin is committed to investment in advanced sales and marketing software. The Amadeus Altéa Departure Control System is the airline’s software package of choice for optimal efficiency and sales and marketing policy support. Aircalin has sales agents in France and in every country covered by our route network. They are expanding our GSA network in Europe, Asia, and North America with a goal to open up new markets.

Crew and Staff

As with all airlines, a wide variety of upstream jobs and services are needed to ensure excellence in terms of customer satisfaction and safety. By the very nature of their operations and with the aim of developing local skills, Aircalin offers a wide range of career opportunities, divided into two main categories:

Flight crews
• Cockpit crew
• Cabin crew, flight attendants

Ground staff
• Operations: mechanics, passenger service agents, supervisors, logistics.
• Sales: sales agents, teleselling, pricing, marketing.
• Support services: accounts, IT, human resources.

For Aircalin, investing in training is key to ensuring future development. Training plays a strategic role in their commitment to enhancing the professional expertise of their teams, boosting their performance, and ensuring the specialised skills required by the many new resources and technologies they have acquired. Every year, Aircalin provides courses for many members of staff, engaged in all areas of activity, at the world’s best training centres. So, in 2013, Aircalin invested 70 million XPF (US$ 800,000) in training for ground staff and flight crews, a total of 11,200 hours of training. Aircalin’s investment in training is a testament to their level of commitment to developing and enhancing the skills and qualifications of their staff and crew.

Fully aware of our responsibilities and intent on developing our talent pool, Aircalin promotes the recruitment of young graduates through partnerships with specialist schools.

Beautiful New Caledonia

Aircalin operates flights between Nouméa and 10 international destinations. These include long-haul flights to Japan and French Polynesia and regional flights to Australia, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Fiji and Wallis-And-Futuna. Exceptional biodiversity, spectacular scenery, a fascinating mix of ethnic communities and cultural traditions: New Caledonia is a land of many facets and infinite variety, so prepare to fall under its spell!

Floating in the midst of a UNESCO World Heritage listed lagoon, New Caledonia is a dream holiday destination. You’ll be charmed by the warm hospitality and diverse ethnic and cultural roots and traditions of the New Caledonian people. Explore all four corners of the Main Island, where stunning vistas of infinitely varied scenery await you at every turn. Set off for the islands and live the dream! Both the Loyalty Islands and the iconic Isle of Pines are jewels of breathtaking beauty where traditions and customs remain vibrantly alive. And in New Caledonia’s cosmopolitan capital Nouméa, you can shop till you drop and enjoy the sophisticated night life!


Contact Aircalin USA:

Email: aircalin@apg-usa-us
Telephone: 1-800-254-7251 

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