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Roam The Mediterranean Treasure of Croatia With Central Holidays

Croatia may be Europe’s best kept secret. With amazing architecture, a diverse history, and a more recent fame in Hollywood, Croatia is an amazing melting pot of Slavic, Roman, and Greek cultures. Let Central Holidays guide you to breathtaking Croatia!

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Adriatic Town of Razanac, Croatia
Adriatic Town of Razanac, Croatia


Plitvice Falls, Croatia
Plitvice Falls, Croatia


City of Split at night, Croatia
City of Split at night, Croatia



  • A hidden gem in the Mediterranean, Croatia is often overlooked by its Italian neighbor. Croatia has so much to offer, from crystal-clear waters and stunning beaches, to breathtaking natural parks and waterfalls, all the way to amazing ancient architecture. Croatia has been inhabited by the Romans, Greeks, Slavs, and the Ottoman-Turks, who all left their mark on the diverse country. The weather is typical for areas along the Mediterranean, mild and rainy, with temperatures only reaching 64° in the summer.
  • The capital of Croatia, Zagreb is the metropolitan cultural center you would expect from a capital city. Music, art, architecture, culture, and delicious cuisine can all be found and visited here in a pedestrian-friendly environment. For a full 360° view of the city, there is no better place than the Lotrščak Tower. Built in the 13th century, the Lotrščak Tower was originally built to protect the southern gate of the city. For the art lovers, Zagreb has a museum dedicated to the most famous Croatian artist, Ivan Meštrović, and houses over 100 of his sculptures, drawings, lithographs, and furniture from his 20 years in residence. The city is also home one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Europe, the Mirogoj, built in 1876 by Herman Bollé, and is a tranquil and stunning place to visit.
  • An Unesco World Heritage Site, the Plitvice Lakes National Park is comprised of forest-covered hills and aquamarine lakes. Inhabited for thousands of years by the early conquerors of Croatia, the Plitvice Lakes didn’t become a major tourist attraction until the 19th century. The park has 16 lakes spread out over a distance of eight kilometers, which all have distinct colors based on the organisms living in them, amount of minerals in the lake, and the angle of the sun. Often said to be the most beautiful natural wonder in Croatia, the national park also has majestic waterfalls and caves that tourists can access. Rare animals, such as the European brown bear, wolves, eagles, owls, lynxes, wild cats, and capercaillies all call Plitvice home.
  • The second-largest city in Croatia and the unofficial capital of the Dalmatia region, Split has a population of over 300,000, and a thriving tourism industry. Remnants of ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Slavic, and Turk occupation can be seen in statues and  buildings all around the city. Diocletian’s Palace, the palace of the former Roman emperor Diocletian, sits at the heart of Split and was intended to be used as a retirement home for the Roman emperor. The palace has a fascinating basement level that retains an eerie atmosphere of time gone by. Two Sphinxes from Egypt were brought into Split by Diocletian, and are still standing today at Jupiter’s temple, which is now called St. John’s church. If you’re interested in spending the day at the beach, then visit Bačvice, the most popular beach, bar, and club area in Split.
  • One of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatioa, Dubrovnik is also famous as one of the settings for the hit television series “Game of Thrones”. Dubrovnik’s medieval structures and architecture made it the perfect setting for the fictional “King’s Landing” in the series. Besides its ties with Hollywood, Dubrovnik also boasts a beautiful view of the Adriatic Sea and gorgeous barque buildings and marble streets. The Cathedral of the Assumption, built in the 7th century and expanded in the 12th with funds from Richard I, King of England, this cathedral has amazing violet marble altars and centuries-old religious paintings. If you don’t feel like walking from the city walls up the mountain, then take the cable car, and watch the city move below you through the telescopes on board.


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