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The Ideal Strategy

I once was asked to stop by the automobile dealership to share a few of my ideas with a sales team who meet each Monday morning before hitting the showroom floor. Their monthly sales target is to sell 300 cars a month (That is a lot of cars). Each salesperson in the room was expected to carry a gold marker in their pocket reminding them that they were the best of the bunch. The organization’s one word mission statement caught my attention.

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This point was driven home twice a week and their single objective was to hold on to their customers for a long, long time.

Their sales objective was to sell 300 cars, but their growth strategy was managed by how well they resell to current clients.


We often treat our next door neighbor’s child with more respect than we treat our own children. We are often more polite to strangers than we are to our loved ones. We go out of our way for prospects more readily than we do our seasoned clients.

The real winners in an organization like this are the customers, who are treated as if the company sincerely wants them to come back again.

Focus on the needs of your current client base and make it your business not to lose a single one. Build your business based on a 100% satisfaction level of those you are currently doing business with.

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