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Yes! It Can Happen To You

This happened a while ago, but it can also happen to you.

A large advertising agency lost the Mars account after 70 years of service and $70 million in annual billings. The well-known D’Arcy Advertising Agency has been respected for over 70 years.

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Don’t you think there were people walking the halls thinking that this account was in the bag… after 70 years? I can hear people now sharing their opinions at the water cooler; “It is all ours.” And “We own this account.”

And then one day, GONZO. Yesterday’s news. See ya later. Sayonara. A fond memory.


Stay with me. I know you don’t care about advertising agencies. Neither do I. But the message should be hitting you loud and clear. It’s a mess out there and relationships, although having become the popular buzz-word of the new millennium, are as fragile as people’s self-esteem. Here today – gone tomorrow is beginning to resemble the norm rather than the exception. “What have you done for me lately” has become a very popular question in this instant gratification world of ours.

The long and the short of it is that you can’t afford losing a single good client these days simply because you have fallen asleep at the wheel. People today are playing by a new set of rules. There are no guarantees and the sure-thing is a “thing” of the past.

Your future is up to you. Don’t open yourself up for failure. Don’t allow unpleasant surprises ruin your day. It has happened to many before you. Enough said.

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