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A Manager’s Essential Duty: To Boost Company Morale

I am piggy-backing today’s message off of a column I read in a New Jersey based newspaper.

Written by Mark Schnurman and printed in the Sunday edition of The Star Ledger, I read this man’s ideas with genuine interest. Among the five points he made in a bulleted format was the following, and I quote:

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“A manager is responsible to find each person’s trigger. Everyone has different motivators. Meet with each employee to gain greater insight into what motivates them. You do not need to be covert, but rather ask them what their key motivators and demotivators are.”

I smiled when I read this as I still find comfort that there is at least one other individual in America who thinks like I do. Bottom Line: Motivation is a manager’s primary responsibility. The problem is that a manager cannot motivate anybody. People have to motivate themselves.

Let me say this again. You can’t motivate other people. People have to motivate themselves.

Therefore, a manager’s number one job becomes establishing an environment where an individual can successfully motivate themselves.

So as the quote above clearly suggests, managers need to seek out from each employee what their individual hot-button looks like, sounds like, and feels like. How? By talking to them, asking them, listening to them.

Cool! To borrow from one of my worn out phrases: now get up, get out, and find out what floats your employee’s boats. Talk to them.

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