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Another Long Shot Beats The Odds

Today’s message was borrowed from my archive of lessons. The story is not current, but the lesson still holds water. It involves the sport of horse racing.

“Mine-That-Bird” was the name of the nag who left the gates at 50-1 odds, and won The Kentucky Derby.

Apparently nobody told him or his jockey that 50-1 was just another way of labeling the duo as a “loser.” Winning The Kentucky Derby being a 50-1 long shot was just a tad short of impossible.

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“Mine-That-Bird” was not meant to win. He was meant to lose.

He won.

How many of you reading this today are not feeling like “winners” at the moment?

Not because of who you are, but because of “circumstances” and “labels” others may have placed on you? “You’re too small, too new, you’re facing too much competition, you cost too much, you’re too late.”

Why don’t we all stop horsing around and get this straight once and for all? Other people don’t, shouldn’t and can’t forecast your success. (But we allow them to.)

You are the jockey of your own horse. You want to win? Win.

You want to be a doormat? Be my guest.

Stop allowing the news to dictate your future. People (many people) are going to continue running their lives, with or without your help or your consent.

Why not become a positive part of the event? It is entirely up to you. Spelled E-N-T-I-R-E-L-Y. (99%)

“Mine-That-Bird” was purchased for less than $10K. The favorite was bought for over $3 million. The favorite did not win.

“Mine-The-Bird” won at 50-1 odds. He was in twelfth place with a quarter of a mile to go. Which calls to mind a popular Yogi-ism:

“It ain’t over til it’s over.”

Don’t tell me you can’t succeed in America today. Tell me you don’t want to succeed. Tell me you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth and you just don’t want to run that long or that fast. Tell me it is May and that you never have a good May. Just don’t tell me that “you can’t.”

And while you are coming up with some lame excuse designed to make you sleep better at night, the next “Mine-That-Bird” will be blowing your doors off and bringing home the roses.

Today’s Message: When the gates open, it is anybody’s race. Remember “Mine-That-Bird,” and run for your roses.

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