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APG IET: Air Ticketing Made Easy

APG IET stands for an interline e-ticketing platform which is a product of Air Promotion Group USA. APG’s local offices are in New York, Chicago, Houston, Miami, Vancouver/Canada, and Los Angeles are strategically located with team members focused on developing and maintaining relationships with the travel agent community. APG is the world’s leading network for Airline Distribution and Financial Services with over 100 offices serving over 170 countries on 6 continents and have commercial relationships with over 240 airlines. Some of the services we offer include Interline Electronic Ticketing in cooperation with Heli Air Monaco (APG IET). Heli Air Monaco, started in 1976, is a helicopter airline service offering 50 daily shuttle flights between Nice (NCE) and Monaco (MCM) airports. Heli Air Monaco (YO) acts as the “validating carrier” for the IET program. Travel agents can visit www.apgiet.com for information on participating carriers, ticketing instructions by GDS, etc. APG IET is an interline e-ticketing platform which was developed in partnership with Heli Air Monaco (airline code: YO/747).

One Validating Carrier, Thousands of Possibilities

“Interlining” is an agreement between airlines to handle passengers traveling on a multi-airline itinerary, so you can ticket multiple flight segments all on one ticket with one simple validation.

Another benefit is that agents can automatically revalidate and refund tickets via any GDS.

In addition to infinite interline ticketing combinations normally unavailable to agents, “plating” with YO provides access to many NON-ARC participating airlines in our portfolio including Cape Air (9V), Sky Airlines (H2), Luxair (LG), and Shenzhen Airlines (ZH), to name just a few.

Another benefit is the ability to ticket participating carriers in any GDS and purchase with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Cash, or UATP.

There are no membership or hidden fees. Travel agents that ticket through a GDS already have the ability to plate and validate on YO. Did we mention, tremendous growth is on the horizon! We currently we have 116 airlines under contract that can be ticketed on YO with many more to come. So remember: YO? Why Not!


In the United States you can call 877-764-9354 or email apgiet@apg-usa.us. You can find a local APG office via our website: www.apg-usa.us/iet. Agents can also call our Global Call Center in Paris, 003 315 377 1325, or reach them via email helpdeskiet@apg-ga.com.

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