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Plan Your Next Trip To Turkey With CTC Turkey

Benefits to Agents

With offices in both the USA and in Turkey, our expert staff is able to consult with you personally on your client’s travel and help design the perfect customized package. One phone call really does it all! Once we have some basic information, we will email a complete and detailed itinerary with pricing within 24 hours.

We also have a comprehensive website with filled with sample itineraries and prices to get you started with ideas for your clients. As a full service Tour Operator, we offer both Small Group Scheduled Tours and Custom Travel Plans, whichever best fits your client’s needs. We also specialize in Shore Excursions, Christian and Jewish Heritage Travel, Family Travel, Blue Cruises (gulet sailing), as well as travel to Greece.

Hotels and guides are only of the highest quality, and accommodations are only in the best (most walkable) locations. You can be confident that your clients will return completely satisfied with their unique travel experience. Commissions are paid promptly.

ctc2Experienced Professionals

When you choose CTC Turkey, you get a team of professionals with more than 25 years of experience serving North Americans in Turkey. You also get the benefit of an extraordinary staff throughout the country chosen for their quality, attention to detail, and dedication to customer service. Staff members frequently inspect hotels and restaurants, ensuring they live up to the expectations of our travelers.

Careful Planning

We plan each itinerary as if it were our own vacation. We’re travelers too, and we know how important the pace of a vacation is. We match hotels to the client’s style and choose modes of transportation that maximize their sightseeing experience as well as their comfort. We carefully plan our programs to ensure enough time at each stop to see the sights as well as leisure time to relax a bit. Breakfast is included daily, but most other meals are taken independently. Clients are able to try local specialties and choose from a huge variety of restaurants. We even provide comprehensive restaurant lists, with plenty of choices across all categories.

More Flexibility

Our tours are designed with maximum flexibility in mind. You’ll see that many tours offer two or even three levels of accommodation. But our trips offer even more flexibility! We can mix and match accommodation tiers within the same program. Once your Tour Consultant knows what your client would like to do and their estimated budget, we’ll help you to put together a trip of the best possible value.

UntitledIt’s Included

There are no hidden surprises with CTC Turkey. Internal flights are included in our tour prices. Once we have confirmed a custom tour and received an advance deposit, the trip is guaranteed to operate.

Customizing Is Our Specialty

We offer a wide variety of programs on our web site. Many of our programs can depart on any day of your choice. If one of our programs doesn’t quite fit your ideal dream vacation, don’t worry! CTC Turkey is one of the few tour operators who will customize any program.

About Our Founder

A graduate of Tufts University, Mary Bai has worked in travel operations all over the world. She has specialized in Turkey for more than 25 years and will work with you to create an individualized travel program unique to your needs.

The world is filled with extraordinary places. When thinking of a trip to Turkey, customize it and live your dream with CTC Turkey!

Benefits To Clients

At CTCTurkey, we’ve made a name for ourselves by providing our clients with the opportunity to experience Turkey in the most authentic way possible. Let us design a personal journey just for you! Our approach includes complete customization as well as unique experiences that just aren’t possible on a standard tour. Our guides are much more than walking historians. They take great delight in assisting our curious travelers to experience a series of immersive adventures. You’ll do more than simple sightseeing. As you travel the ancient avenues of our beautiful Mediterranean home, you’ll find yourself connecting with the essence of Turkey and its people. Let us design your own comprehensive journey in which you engage with the locals, learn all about the culture and food, as well as see the amazing sites and scenery. To begin your adventure, you can choose one of our unique itineraries, which we will then customize for you!

Our programs cover cities all over the country, and can include anything from a week-long private yacht excursion to an evening of personal cooking lessons at the home of a local chef. We’ll take you to the most beloved places in Turkey and show you the ones that only the locals know and love along the way. No matter which program you choose, you will always receive comprehensive information and advice built on years of experience and personal knowledge. We love what we do!

Custom Journeys

No matter which itinerary you choose, we tailor our wonderful adventures to fit your needs. Our basic itineraries last from one day to two weeks, and we’ve priced them for two, four, six, or ten participants. We can customize and re-price each program according to the size of your family or group, personal preferences, interests, hotel selections, and schedule, creating a one-of-a-kind travel program just for you. And remember, your group will be made up of only you and your chosen companions—all of our Custom Journeys are completely private. Our guides will walk at your pace, talk at your pace, and be present for however much of the trip you choose. He or she can go with you from city to city, or you can meet a different one of our experienced guides in each destination. Have something special you’d like to see at your city or site? Don’t hesitate to ask—we’ll build it into your experience! Our expert program planners and guides are flexible and friendly.

Day Trips

For travelers on a cruise ship or just in town for a few days, we offer single-day city explorations with all of our signature customization. Our “Shore Excursions,” are available in all of Turkey’s main cruise ship ports, including Istanbul, the Kusadasi Harbor of Ephesus, Izmir, Bodrum, and Antalya. We also offer “day trips” that can be customized to include any city in Turkey. Whether you’re looking for cooking lessons or a round at the bazaars, a cruise down the Bosphorus or a night-time drive and cabaret dinner, our expertise allows us to create a relaxing, personal, and truly Turkish experience. Though we cater to many discerning customers looking for authentic alternatives to mainline cruise-tour options, we are not affiliated with any other cruise companies, foreign or domestic, allowing you to skip the crowds and tour our beautiful country in style. Like all of our Custom Journeys, you and your travel companions will be the only ones on your tour. With CTC Turkey, your day in Turkey with be not only custom, but private and reasonably priced. In fact, for groups of four or more, we can usually arrange your Shore Excursion or Day Trip for less than the pre-made packages offered by large cruise lines. Spend the day with us!

Private Yacht Charters

Along with our land tours, we offer a special favorite of our own: our private, multi-day gulet charters on traditional Turkish yachts. Our yachts are handcrafted in the shipyards of Turkey. Of course, these coastal voyages are completely customizable. We’ll cater to your preferred level of luxury, while you rest well in the fact that each and every one of our yachts is a true beauty—a fitting compliment to the cliffs and caves, sea-side and cities that you’ll see sitting deck-side. Check out the full collection in our Catalog of Gulet Yachts. In fact, our founders take the pleasure of embarking upon one of these gulet voyagers themselves every year! Come aboard, and sail the seas of Turkey in style.

Join a Small-Group Tour

In addition to our customized services, we offer two set-date trips. These include our 10-night small group “Wonders of Turkey” itinerary as well as our Istanbul Marathon program. Looking to socialize? Unlike our other programs, you’ll join in with a small group of travelers and make the journey together.

CTC Turkey is available to speak with you personally about the details of your trip. Call 1-888-711-4500 (toll free) or 1-781-826-7610 from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, email us at, or visit us online at

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