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Warning, divided road ahead

To me, the only thing better than feedback, is good feedback. All too often, we allow our clients to take their trips, come home, and hibernate. Often, we do not even know for sure if they really did return. So, when I get some good solid feedback, I am thrilled. And it is not only when arranging travel. We often get feedback here at Travel Research Online.

Last week, Kelly Monaghan wrote an article about host agencies and reminding people that they are (in the most simple terms) for-profit businesses and suggested that some of the marketing materials may present unrealistic expectations to a new agent. He explained that while the business can be fun and lucrative, a new agent really needs to know how it works to manage those expectations.

Several people took exception to his article, which is fantastic! First, it means that someone read it. Then it means that it struck someone hard enough to cause him or her to engage with his or her opinion! One commenter suggested that Kelly was painting with too broad a brush. We received a few emails as well—some supporting, and some refuting his opinion.

But in the end, the mark of an educated decision is to hear both sides of the story and make the best decision from the facts you have identified. With that premise, later this week, we will be publishing a rebuttal of sorts to the article by Nexion—a large host agency.

As with most of our contributors, they will be free to express their opinions and to take Kelly to task if they like. Travel Research Online, the industry and the world all thrive on open and honest discourse. We welcome you to read (or re-read) Kelly’s article, leave a comment, or send an email. Likewise, we encourage you to stay tuned for the other side of the coin.




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