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5 down and dirty tips for marketing your business

It’s Friday. It’s the first Friday of the official summer. Let’s keep this short, sweet, and powerful. Your business is nothing unless you market it. That is pretty plain and simple. If people do not know you are there, how can they purchase from you? The answer is simple—market yourself. Here are five down and dirty ways to do just that!

  1. Get out of the house. Join a networking organization such as BNI, Gold Circle, or other business networking group. Join your local Chamber of Commerce. Look at groups such as Rotary, Kiwanis, and Lions Club. Volunteer. Network, but don’t just collect business cards. Get involved. Build relationships.
  2. Carry your business cards and tell people what you do. Have a 30 second commercial on why they should use you. Have an answer to why they should book with you instead of the Internet.
  3. Find organizations looking for speakers. Develop a presentation on travel, but don’t sell.
  4. Find low cost events and set up a table or booth. For example, one school district I know has a vendor show before school starts and the cost of the table is very low. Ask your bank if you can set up a table in the lobby. County fairs, festivals, etc., all offer vendor tables. Have great brochures that tell about you (not your suppliers) and what you bring to the table. Have a drawing to collect names for your database. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Be creative.
  5. Lastly, ask for referrals.

Simple really. But… be patient. It takes time to build your business. Don’t expect miracles overnight.

Mary Stephan is the IC Team Sales Leader for Preferred Travel of Naples.  Mary can be reached by email at mary@preferrednaples.com or online at www.preferrednaples.com



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