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Finding Customers Should Be Fun

Easter always reminded me of the days when hunting for eggs played an important role in our development. Realizing it or not, this little exercise taught us how to have fun; how to accept rejection; how to celebrate our small victories; how to remain persistent; how to run fast and think on our feet; and many other important lessons that I just can’t recall at the moment.

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Looking for Easter Eggs was a great event as the adults giggled and were entertained as the little ones bobbed and weaved throughout the house and perhaps out onto the lawn to seek these rewards, and to bask in the applause from their parents. Those were the days!

I often use this simple analogy when speaking to adult sales wanna-be’s. See if you can follow me:

‘Kids. There are eggs out there. But they are not always in plain sight. They may be hidden. Some are hidden better than others. But they are out there. I promise you they are out there. Your job is to go find them. Lots of them. Ready? 1 – 2 – 3 GO!’

Off they go. Looking under sofas. On window ledges. Under boxes. In closets. Everywhere imaginable. And they don’t stop looking when their search comes up empty. They know they are out there so they keep on looking. Until they find one.

Then, as if one stoked their competitive flames, their new-found energies drive them back onto the egg field until they uncovered another brightly colored embryo.

The bottom line to this bizarre little game, is that everyone involved (1) enjoys the hunt, and (2) has fun playing the game. Note: I, for one, frolicked in the hunt, but never ate any of my winnings. (I still am not fond of hard-boiled eggs.)

Those of you who are not asleep at the wheel already are catching my drift. Sales today works the exact same way. I’m telling you those clients (eggs) are out there. But they are not always in plain sight. You have to uncover a few obstacles if you want to find them. But I want you to know, in the bottom of your heart, that they are out there… waiting for you.

If you uncover a few leads and come up empty, don’t quit. The kids didn’t quit. They simply looked somewhere else. So keep looking: I promise you they are out there.

The secret, as in days of old, is to learn to enjoy the hunt and manage to have fun looking for the pot of gold. The good news is when you find a targeted ‘egg’, it will be worth more than a peel-able grade ‘A’, water-colored by-product of some chicken.

Now get out there and start looking.

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