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Fly To France On XL Airways

XL Airways offers seasonal scheduled service between New York’s JFK airport, San Francisco, and Miami to Paris’s Charles de Gaulle airport. With an emphasis on affordable fares and good service, XL Airways France whisks passengers to their destination aboard Airbus A330 jets. The airline’s route network extends to leisure destinations. From Paris, XL Airways France serves long-haul flights to the Dominican Republic, French Caribbean, Mexico, and the Indian Ocean (also served from Marseille). The airline also offers scheduled and chartered mid-haul flights from Lille to the Mediterranean basin.

With twenty years experience in meeting its customers’ needs, XL Airways is a French airline specializing in long-haul flights. Led by Laurent Magnin, the airline employs 606 staff members and transports more than a million passengers a year. Based at Paris – Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport, XL Airways runs a fleet made up of Airbus’ A330-300 and -200, and Boeings 737-800 Next Generation aircraft. Each year, we fly these million passengers to the Antilles, the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean, the United States, and the Mediterranean basin.

XL Airways will again strengthen its offer to New York by extending their summer schedule with departures from CDG until November 14th. The first destination of the airline, New York, will be served from April 3rd to November 14th during the summer with up to 9 flights a week. The capacity to this destination has jumped up to +70% compared to 2014 with more than 150,000 seats. XL Airways will also resume its seasonal flights from Paris to Miami and San Francisco in June 2015. Three weekly rotations will be offered for each destination.

“It is on a route like New York that our model makes perfect sense” stated Laurent Magnin CEO of XL Airways. “We position ourselves like the ideal alternative between pricy direct flights and connecting flights that unnecessarily extend travel time. Booking commitments for summer 2015 are extremely promising and justify this capacity increase. The demand is particularly strong from the USA: this summer, one out of three passengers on our flights will be American.”

Once on board, travelers have the option of either Economy or Galaxy class on the San Francisco and Miami Flights. Our economy class rates cover all the essentials for a pleasant flight: a bag, a basic hot meal, and a range of entertaining films. All the vital ingredients are included in our very reasonable prices.

A range of additional services can also be purchased to meet your specific needs and help you build a journey that suits you. Your ticket entitles you to travel with one checked bag weighing up to 20 kg (23 kg for flights to and from the Antilles and the Indian Ocean). You can also bring one piece of cabin baggage weighing up to 5 kg, plus an accessory (purse, laptop bag, etc).

On long-haul flights, a hot meal is served (dinner or breakfast), accompanied by mineral water and hot beverages (tea, coffee, hot chocolate). On most long-lasting flights, breakfast or an additional light meal may also be served. Passengers with special dietary requirements may order vegetarian/vegan meals when making their reservation. For those with a big appetite, a wide array of hot and cold drinks, sweet and savory snacks, and confectioneries can be purchased from the crew throughout the flight.

We have a regularly updated selection of audio and video entertainment programs for you to enjoy during your flight. All aircraft in the XL Airways fleet are equipped with collective screens showing recent films and short television programs (series, youth programs, etc). You can also listen to your favorite radio stations with playlists prepared exclusively for XL Airways by the NRJ Group (which owns stations such as NRJ, Chérie FM and Rire & Chansons, etc.).

If you’re traveling with your tablet or computer, electrical power sockets are available to recharge it during the flight so you can work or watch your favorite films and series without interruption. Since December 2014, those who don’t have their own tablet can rent a Samsung Galaxy Tablet onboard with a large range of movies, newspapers, and music.

If you prefer to travel more luxuriously, then you’ll appreciate all the amenities our Galaxy class has to offer. Every single stage of your journey has been carefully thought out to make your flight a pleasant and relaxing experience, from the moment you arrive at the airport to the moment you step off the plane at your destination. Thanks to our dedicated check-in desk for Galaxy customers, you can check in your baggage as soon as you arrive at the airport, without waiting in line. You can then board at your convenience. Your ticket entitles you to travel with two checked bags weighing up to 20 kg each (23 kg for flights to and from the Antilles and the Indian Ocean). You can also bring one piece of cabin baggage weighing up to 10 kg, plus an accessory (purse, laptop bag, etc.).

Once on board, our flight crew will offer you a complimentary beverage:  a glass of champagne, a fruit juice, or a mineral water—it’s your choice! During your flight, you will be offered a choice of delicious hot meals and desserts, accompanied by fine wines and as many hot and cold drinks as you desire. A light meal and a sweet snack will also be served during daytime flights. If you have special dietary requirements, you can also order a vegetarian/vegan when making your reservation.

Watch brand new films before they are released on DVD, as well as big-screen classics, on the individual video player you will be offered at the start of your flight. American comedies, art house films, cartoons video game; there’s something for everyone in our selection. Prefer to catch up with the latest news? Daily papers and a wide array of magazines are available throughout the flight

The comfortable leather seats in Galaxy class will guarantee you a restful, relaxing journey. Located in a private cabin at the front of the aircraft, they are equipped with lumbar support, a footrest, and a wide seat cushion, under which you will find a blanket and a pillow. A comfort bag is also provided, containing a slumber mask, a pair of socks, and a toothbrush-and-toothpaste kit.

On chartered flights, the in-flight services offered depend on your tour operator. Consult your travel agent for further information.

To learn more about XL Airways, visit them online at  or call 1-877-496-9889.
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