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Relax And Get Away With Rental Escapes

Based out of Montreal, Canada, Rental Escapes is a concierge agency that also specializes in luxury villa rentals. We focus on creating unforgettable getaway experiences in villas around the world, with over 2,700 of the world’s most exquisite luxury villas and estates in destinations such as the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Europe, and everywhere in between. Our client’s care and experience is our number 1 priority, and all guests can expect to have their dream getaway come to life.

Rental Escapes understands that the time you have for your unique getaway is precious, which is why everything we do is focused on ensuring you have an amazing experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. We only work with the highest-end properties that cater to our most discerning clientele. We understand that no two guests are the same, so we make it a point to customize each booking to our clients’ specific needs and aspirations for their luxury getaway.

“Rental Escapes caters to travelers who value luxury, privacy, exclusivity and beauty above all else when planning their holiday experience”
Brian Schwimmer, CEO

Rental Escapes is run by industry professionals with many collective years of experience in the luxury holiday market, with a team of educated travel specialists who know and understand what it takes to create a truly memorable villa experience. Because we only work with the industry’s first-class and most reliable property management companies, our portfolio of properties is second to none. We make frequent inspection trips to each property in order to confirm that the villas meet the scrupulous standards of our clients, and that what you see on our website is what you get when you arrive at your villa.

“The focal point of our day to day business is total accessibility in every single client relationship. Every client is a repeat client in our eyes so no request will go unheeded. In short, we are 100% client focused.”

We love to travel, and that’s why we love what we do here at Rental Escapes! We are always happy to service special requests; small, big, or completely over-the-top, we can do it all! Our passion, dedication, and the honest joy we get out of travel is what drives us to continue to give our clients a unique and amazing experience every time they book with us.

Rental Escapes executes every booking with detailed precision and a personal touch. We pride ourselves on our ability to narrow down and pinpoint the absolutely perfect villa for your upcoming trip. We make sure we’re accessible throughout the booking process, as well as when you’re already splashing and playing in the beach or soaking in the sun right outside your villa. No matter when you need us, we are always available, which is why we lead the industry in customer service response time.

For us, our clients’ needs are always our first priority, even when those needs change. We keep ourselves adaptable, flexible, and foster open communication with all of our clients, and take special care in creating open and honest relationships with them. We always go above and beyond to make sure your travel experience is more than you ever thought it could be, and tailor each vacation to each guest as uniquely as your own fingerprint.

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