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Savor The Coasts Of New England With ShoreTrips

The salty tang of the ocean, brightly colored row houses, and soaring lighthouses: these are the iconic images of the coastal villages of New England. Let ShoreTrips guide you to these amazing sights bordering the sea!

60-Second Geography

New England

Acadia National Park
Acadia National Park In Bar Harbor, Maine
Helicopter Tour In Boston
Helicopter Tour In Boston, Massachusetts

Lighthouse in Portland, Maine
Lighthouse in Portland, Maine
  • Bar Harbor is a picturesque New England village on Mount Desert Island in Maine. The surrounding scenery includes deep azure waters in the harbor, rust and slate colored rocks protruding from the coastline, and fresh green covered mountains and hills. The village has a cozy small-town feel, especially in the downtown area, with plenty of small shops, cafes, and galleries, perfect for a leisurely afternoon. If you’re looking to explore the local waters and fishing industry, there are plenty of boat tours, whale-watching excursions, oceanariums, and lobster-hatcheries you can explore on the island. Hiking paths are also available if you want to stretch your legs across the many mountains on the island.
  • One of the most beautiful parks in the entire country is Acadia National Park, the only national park in the New England area. Ravaged by fire in 1947, the park has recovered and become more lush and rich than ever, with more than 273 species of birds, and countless deer, squirrels, foxes, bats, frogs, snakes, and salamanders. The park was created out of the foresight of private philanthropists George B. Dorr, Charles W. Elliot, and John D. Rockefeller, Jr. in the early 20th century, who all came together to preserve the natural coastal beauty before it was overdeveloped. The park features beautiful stone carriage roads built by Rockefeller who was an avid horseman and wanted to travel around Mount Desert Island without encountering heavy traffic. For those looking for a challenge, the hiking trails on the island are unlike any other, ranging from a pleasant stroll to steeper climbs, including the Precipice Trail, the hardest trail in the park.
  • If you’re looking for a quiet place to relax and soak in the sun, then look no further than Sand Beach, located between mountains near Bar Harbor. The beach is covered in shell fragments from the constant erosion of the pounding surf, and the water is a bit cooler at 55 degrees in the summertime. The water also has a salt content of approximately one half cup of salt per gallon of water. The beach does not allow pets and has restrooms and changing areas near the parking area.
  • The largest city in New England and the home of the Red Sox, Boston is and always has been home to academic achievements and higher learning. Boston is considered the oldest city in America, steeped in history and a stepping stone to the founding of the United States of America. But for those looking to see the Red Sox in action, then look no further than Fenway Park. “America’s Most Beloved Ballpark”, Fenway Park is the epitome of a ballpark, the oldest in the country and operating since 1912. One of the most intriguing features of the park is the 37 foot high Green Monster, a wall in left field that can either give or take a home run from a hitter. All the seats in the park are green except for one lone red seat in section 42, row 47, seat 21: this is the site of the longest home run ever hit by Ted Williams in 1946 at 502 feet.
  • 30 miles northeast of Boston is Cape Ann, a rocky cape first discovered by John Smith in the 17th century and named by King Charles I for his mother, Anne of Denmark. Today the cape has so much to offer visitors, from whale watching to beaches to guided tours. Like much of New England, Cape Ann has its own supply of picturesque lighthouses, including those on Thacher Island, Annisquam Harbor, Pound Island, Eastern Point, and Straitsmouth Island. Whale watching is a popular pastime in the cape, with plenty of opportunities to see many different species of whales, dolphins, and sharks, including:
    • Sperm Whale
    • North Atlantic Right Whale (extremely endangered)
    • Long-finned Pilot Whale
    • Beluga (White Whale)
    • Harbor Porpoise
    • Atlantic White-sided Dolphin
    • White-Beaked Dolphin
    • Common Dolphin
    • Bottlenose Dolphin
    • Grampus (Rizzo’s Dolphin)
    • Sea Turtles
    • Basking Sharks
    • Blue Sharks
  • A true New England yachting village, Marblehead is one of Massachusetts’ premier water playground. The village has been established since the 17th century and is considered the birthplace of the American navy, as General George Washington commissioned the schooner “Hannah” as the first in the fleet in the Revolutionary War. One of the most fascinating parts of Marblehead is “Old Town”, the historic district that features homes well over 300 years old that were one of the first built after the village was settled. To see the best views in the village, you’ll want to visit Fort Sewall, a former military fort that protected against the French in the Revolutionary War.
  • The oldest lighthouse in Maine, the Portland Head Lighthouse was completed in 1791. The lighthouse is located on Cape Elizabeth and stands at 80 feet high and is visible for 24 nautical miles. The lighthouse has a museum attached to it with a nominal admission fee, and a gift shop that sells related merchandise. A Victorian style keeper’s house is also available for you to peruse.

Explore The Shores Of New England With ShoreTrips

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Get To Know Bar Harbor & Acadia National Park

Mount Desert Island

Bar Harbor, Maine

We’ll start off this wonderful tour by getting to know the historic district of Bar Harbor. We’ll take you to all of Acadia’s famous sites, including Thunder Hole, a naturally carved granite inlet that explodes as the water rushes in, Otter Cliffs and Sand Beach. Another option incorporated into your itinerary is traveling to the communities of Seal Harbor and Northeast Harbor, which are the summer colonies of the ultra-rich such as the Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, Astors, and Martha Stewart.

Private Helicopter Sightseeing Tour


Boston, Massachusetts

An incomparable New England aerial experience awaits you on this thrilling, one-of-a-kind tour! We’ll take off from our metro Boston helipad and in under two minutes we’ll be in the heart of downtown. This charming, historic city will never look the same to you after seeing it from a bird’s eye view.

Historical Landmarks And Lighthouses


Portland, Maine

We’ll start out this day with a lovely drive through Portland’s city center. Your guide will point out all the important landmarks and tell you about Portland’s history. Next, we’re off to nearby lighthouses with incredible views. We’ll visit Maine’s oldest lighthouse, “Portland Head,” commissioned by George Washington and first lit in 1791, as well as other local lighthouses.

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