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What Does Zumba Have To Do With Mexico?

Zumba is a form of exercise designed to get the ol’ bod back into some semblance of order. While Mexico is a country known for a lot of stuff (the sombrero being just one of them), Zumba isn’t on the list. So what’s the deal?

Now that I have your attention, allow me to introduce you to a marketing tool I affectionately call “The Flyer Letter.”

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A client of mine once wondered if Zumba enthusiasts would be interested in practicing their “moves” on a group dance cruise to Mexico. Why Mexico? Who cares. Why Zumba? Good question.

MAJOR LESSON: Zumba coupled with Mexico is as good as any idea. Why not? Let the marketplace decide. I say let the letter “fly” to see if there is any wind beneath its wings. (I think there may be a song in there somewhere.)

It matters very little what your idea is. The fun comes with writing a Flyer Letter to see who is interested in sitting down with you to discuss the possibilities.

The truth is that most people are too busy to be creative. In fact, they are too busy to even think of anything creative, much less do anything about it. This is where you come in. You do the thinking for them. You consistently bounce ideas off of potential decision makers until a little mud sticks to the wall.

There is no downside to this exercise. It’s all fun. Anybody want to dance?

Mike Marchev is the author of the sales book titled Become The Exception and is a popular speaker at industry events. You can receive a complimentary copy of his Special Report titled “Your 12-Word Marketing Plan.” Email Mike and put the number “12” in the subject box. Also, ask about his 3rd Annual Training Cruise coming in November. Mike@MikeMarchev.com.

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