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Earn BIG Commissions With Venere.com

Venere.com found inspiration for its name from Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus, his 15th century painting depicting the Roman goddess, Venus, emerging from the sea on a giant clamshell. Originally, Venere was launched as a resource for Italians looking to go on a romantic getaway. After its launch in 1995, Venere.com was on a fast track to provide travelers and travel agents with booking options throughout Italy, Europe, the US, and the world. Venere recently launched their new Venere 2.0 travel agent platform that provides a host of great travel agent tools enabling travel professionals to find the right property at the right price in properties around the US and the world.

Almost 3,000 travel agents in North America are in the program and enjoying Venere’s attractive commission program, with the base starting at 8%. Agents also earn override commissions on two-thirds of the properties in their system and there are easily attainable commission increases based on productivity, starting at just 15 bookings per quarter, which is just a little more than one booking per week! This program creates the opportunity for travel agents to earn up to 16% commission for each booking, and is only available to professional travel agents.

Venere offers more than 200,000 hotels in the US and in 200 countries around the world. These properties include hotels, resorts, B&Bs, apartment and vacation rentals, relais and country houses, and a large range of unique properties not distributed by traditional GDS systems. With 1.2 million independent reviews from actual customers, you can find the best fit for your clients, whether they’re traveling next week or next year!

Registration for the Venere Travel Agent Program is free and is done online, and has no minimums to maintain and no monthly fees. Commissions are paid on a monthly basis – after completed travel, and the travel agent support team is based in New York and available through email or a toll free number, 1.877.411.9134, in the US and Canada.


For more information about Venere.com’s Travel Agent Program, please contact GreGG Truman at Venere@APG-USA.us

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