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People Like People Who Like Them

One of my favorite “bits” during my live seminars and corporate presentations involves a skit I like to do with an unsuspecting male member of the audience.

I approach a man and ask him if he remembers his first girlfriend. I then role play exactly how that important “first love” actually unfolded.

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I can’t do the skit justice in print so I will simply deliver one of the most important lessons you will ever learn, remember, or think about.

Back in the fifth grade, a boy (Joey) approaches his friend (Eddie) to tell him that the gossip on the street is that Suzy Smith liked him.  This is all it took to get the romance in motion. Eddie’s immediate response, and you can take this to the bank in each and every instance is that he begins to smile before responding. “Well, if Suzy likes me, then I like Suzy.”

That’s how it happens. It proves the point that men were easy at ten years old and they are just as easy today. If you like me, I like you.

I like to think that this is a million dollar lesson. People like people who like them. It is true today, and it is true with you.

All you have to do to become more successful today is to show more clear signs that you like (respect and appreciate) people. And there are literally hundreds of ways to pull this off without appearing self-serving.

The way you greet people; the way you end a meeting; how you answer the phone; the time it takes to return phone calls; the way you listen and ask meaningful questions; the way you shake hands and look people in the eye; and the way you remember important dates in people’s lives. The list goes on and on and is only limited by your sincerity and thoughtful imagination.

There is a song which I am about to misquote that suggests, “If you want more, give more.” This is not news and it is not new. The only thing I can say is it is true and it works.

Work hard at being likeable and the sales will follow.

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