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Answering Blogs As A Marketing Strategy

If you are looking for ways to build your prospect list, think blogs.

I am not suggesting that you write or author a blog. This could prove to be too much work and require too much time and effort. What I am suggesting is that you “respond” to other people’s blogs.

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Just last week, I came across a gentleman’s blog and I posted a return comment. It was easy and it was fast. With the proper phraseology, (I included a “hook”) it took him no more than three hours to ring my phone. I returned his call and left a message. The system was now in full swing. I have instantly become an invited guest.

To speed this story up, we have already spoken briefly over the phone and have scheduled a second call in which we will get to know each other better.

What will become of this strategy? Only time will tell, but it sure beats throwing your fate into the wind via some “me-too” ad in a local newspaper. (My opinion only.)

Above all else, I want you to come to realize two things:

(1) 50% of all your future marketing efforts will go for naught. (You just won’t know which 50%.)

(2) Marketing yourself and your company is a blast. Learn to have fun with it and to enjoy the process.

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