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Bridges & Holman Worldwide Travel – feast or famine

I can’t believe it’s August already. The year is two-thirds over. When last I posted, I was majorly pumped about exhibiting at CruiseWorld. As I sit here right now, I am majorly pumped over going to Mexico City for a whirlwind four day FAM trip—leaving in two days.

But, today is one of those days. Right now I am waiting for my contact at CruiseWorld to finalize the details of my presentation. I am waiting for the FAM leader to fill me in on the details of getting to the hotel and checking in before the fun starts. I am waiting on my invitation to the Norwegian Escape Pre-Inaugural, which I have heard are going out “any day now.”   I am waiting for someone else to get back to me on a  pre-cruise hotel stay before the Escape inaugural in November.

You might be sensing a theme here. And of course, while I am waiting – the phone isn’t ringing. All day. I have no clients with urgent problems. No final payments to take. No nothing. Until 6 pm when I got a message and did a booking for a regular client that took all of 12 minutes start to finish.  Then at 8pm, a new client messaged me to set up a call for tomorrow to actually book his first cruise. So, yeah… today has been about 29 hours long.

But y’all know what happens tomorrow, right? Person A will email me and tell me I have to get back to her by end of day, person B will want me to verify the details and let her know ASAP if everything is okay, the invite will come in with an RSVP deadline of 48 hours, and the hotel lady will need me to call and give her names and CC info to hold the rooms for November. This will all happen while I am taking the one final payment I have scheduled, and talking to the newbie client/newbie cruiser, which is sure to take some time and all my attention to make sure I get it all right. Probably a client somewhere will have a flight cancelled or break an arm zip-lining and need help with their insurance.   Plus, with any luck I’ll have another new booking to research.

Because no matter how much we would like to pretend, time management is sometimes just out of our hands. I mean, we can try to have office hours. We can try to prepare and we can try to make appointments; but when stuff needs doing, we do it. Not that I am against Day Planners – but I long ago quit using one.

I’m just rambling on here because it’s been just a routine few weeks lately, and I am so excited to be heading out in a couple of days to an action packed trip to Mexico City. You know, no matter how much I travel, I still get as giddy as a kid at Christmas over the idea of busting out the passport, hitting the currency exchange, seeing new sights, smelling new smells, and hearing different languages.

I feel blessed to not only be able to experience these things for myself, but to actually make a living helping other people to do it. To think, there was a time in my life I wanted to work my way up to Senator from California, or President of the United States… I wouldn’t trade this life I have today for either of those.

I’ll be back!

Dave Holman is a Partner at Bridges & Holman Worldwide Travel, based out of Southern California, with 9 years experience in the travel industry.  He will draw on his past experience as a serial entrepreneur, as well as his time as a hosted agent at Coral Sands Travel and Expedia Cruise Ship Centers/OVC, as he builds and manages his (relatively) new Host Agency.  You can contact Dave via his website at, or better yet, through his Facebook page at




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