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Cindy Mitchell, Concierge Service Director For Rental Escapes

cindy-mitchellCindy Mitchell is the Concierge Director at Rental Escapes – her passion, interest, and experience in the Travel and Tourism industry drove her to focus on VIP and concierge services. She loves thinking outside the box to exceed her clients’ expectations of what their vacation can become.

Travel Research Online (TRO): How did you find yourself pursuing a career in the travel industry?

Cindy Mitchell (CM): I have always loved to travel and wanted to have a career where I was working with the public. Travel seemed to be the perfect fit. It is the type of job that everyone you work with is in a great frame of mind and the guests are always excited about their future travel plans.  

TRO: Tell us about your role at Rental Escapes.

CM: I oversee the Concierge division and participate as much as I can with the engagement of the guest. I believe it is more important for your team to see you in action, then through osmosis they pick up on the skill sets that you want to drive across the division. I also work on bringing on the best partners in the industry so that we can offer our guests the best experience onsite with companies that are professional and have the same customer centric integrity as we do to be the best they can be when engaging with our guests.

TRO: What sets Rental Escapes apart from other luxury lodging rental companies?

CM: I believe what sets us apart from other rental companies is our team. A company is all about their people. When you have a strong team that works as a whole and the mission from the top down is in sync with everyone, it is like running a well-greased machine. We are all very passionate about delivering the best customer experience. A lot of companies will say this, but you have to “walk the talk” to make a difference in the confidence with the guest. In the present market the guest knows very well who really participates in servicing and who cares about their experience, and at Rental Escapes we feel it is paramount to “walk the talk”. We get it done.

TRO: What are some of the most unique locations you have rentals available in?

CM: In Seychelles, we have luxury combined with dreamlike setting, great for newly-weds and also guests that are looking for some high-energy activities.

In South Africa, it’s luxury and adventure wrapped into one. Guests that have done it all in the Caribbean and Europe head for South Africa.

Grenada is unspoiled, appealing to adventure seekers, beach dwellers, and couples looking for a romantic destination.

TRO: You design and plan exclusive VIP experiences for your customers. Can you tell us more about that?

CM: Designing the unique experience is really understanding the blueprint of what the guest has in their mind and duplicating it. It takes time to build the relationship with the guest so they are comfortable to really speak about what the experience is that they are looking for. We do that very well because we qualify, listen, and understand. We then work with our partners who are selectively brought on by myself and know that we are not looking for just the basic Google-search service. We look for something that will make a difference in the guest experience; this could be as small as having the perfect bouquet of flowers at the front door, to having a surprise birthday party with a band. It could be a live show or a romantic beach supper where all the trees are decorated and the chef is on the beach with candles everywhere. We try and make their dreams come true, whatever that may be.

TRO: What can a travel agent expect when booking a villa for their client through Rental Escapes?

CM: When booking with Rental Escapes you can expect professionalism, care, and quality with a very high level of service.

TRO: What aspect of Rental Escapes do you wish travel agents were more aware of?

CM: When you reach out to us we can simplify and streamline the booking process and drive repeat business with your guest, and I think that is what everyone in the industry is striving for. We know our business very well and we make it very easy for you to work with us and service your guest.

TRO: What is your favorite destination to date?

CM: Italy; I can return time and time again and I still will not see it all. It is such a beautiful country and the people are so friendly. I enjoy the small villages where you can find the most amazing food at little restaurants.    

TRO: What is on the horizon for Rental Escapes?

CM: As we grow we will be adding more options online to engage our guests and give them the opportunity to get closer to us. They will be able to participate along the way with their needs and options. We will be making our online booking a more intimate experience for our guests with useful tools they can use before and during travel.

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