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Explore The World With Adam Travel

With thirty years in service, Adam Travel’s philosophy has always been to cultivated and maintain the highest quality of service for its clients. With the goal of providing a personalized travel experience, Adam Travel has built on these business practices to become one of the nation’s largest travel consolidators.

Adam Travel has been serving customers in the airline industry since 1984. Their founder, Dr. Abdo Ibrahim, came to the United States in order to further his education. He received his Doctorate of Philosophy in Physics from Northeastern University, and immediately began to put his entrepreneurial spirit to work. Dr. Ibrahim loved to travel, and found numerous opportunities in the travel industry for innovation, specifically focusing on an under-served minority market in Boston and the surrounding areas. Over the next two decades, his work would create one of the most prestigious and recognized airline consolidators in the country. In its thirty years in business, Adam Travel has grown and expanded to 30 office locations all across the United States.

“We are dedicated to continuing to be a valuable resource to our clients by delivering convenience, comfort, and cost savings.”

Adam Travel also provides pilgrimage packages for those participating in the Hajj or Umrah pilgrimages to Mecca. Customers have their choice of either the Standard or Premium Hajj packages, both of which include stays in the Hilton Suites Hotel. The Umrah package comes in your choice of Economy, Deluxe, or VIP.

Adam Travel has always focused on Trust, Service, and Diversity when interacting with their clients. With 30 offices and a focus on expansion, Adam Travel has numerous agents who take the time to explain all the options to a client before they embark on their trip. The stripes on their logo signify this commitment, by gradually moving from dark to light, it express their goal to help every customer get the most out of their travel experience and bring them from the “darkness” to the “light”.

To learn more about Adam Travel, visit them online at www.adamtravel.com.

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