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Take Your Marketing To The Next Level With INFOX

Formed in 1989, INFOX is a fulfillment house that works solely within the Travel and Tourism Industries, and offers coordinated methods for distributing products and promotional materials by meeting the specific needs of travel businesses in the United States and internationally. For 26 years, our goal has been to help businesses in the travel industry achieve their marketing goals through cost-effective distribution. The INFOX team is highly committed to quality customer service; our management staff has a combined total of 50 years of experience within the company, offering cost-efficient and effective service fulfillment, marketing, and transportation solutions. We take a proactive stand on product development and view our business relationships as partnerships, benefiting from a healthy flow of two-way communication.
INFOX offers unique products such as Broadcast Email Services, INFOPOST Shared Mailing Services, Custom List and Database Creation, and the Travelpromotions.com travel agent brochure ordering website.

INFOX also possesses the most accurate and cost-effective database and data solutions for our customers. Our INFOX Travel Agent Database and multiple agreements with other travel consortia assures clients that marketing data for mailings are always available and free of charge for existing fulfillment clients, thereby saving additional marketing dollars for mailing rather than growing your database.

Simplicity is a key to our operation.

Services We Offer:

  • Fulfillment Services – Full-service, custom marketing fulfillment including media generated responses, consumer requests for collateral, collateral material management, poster/video/promotional material fulfillment, response card requests, label generation, and a host of customized solutions for all your fulfillment needs.
  • Custom Mailing Services – A customized mailing service based on your specific requirements, either utilizing our travel database or your custom database. Mailings of all postal classes and styles can be accommodated, from Polybagged brochures and boxed materials to postcards and self-mailers.
  • Collateral Management – Secure and Insured storage of printed materials and valuable goods utilizing electronic inventory management systems.
  • Custom Targeted Databases – Databases created for you based on your marketing needs utilizing our INFOX Travel Agent Database. Custom databases are prepared for our customers at NO charge, as long as INFOX prepares the mailing.
  • INFOX Broadcast Emailing – A cost-effective Broadcast E-Mail service to 107,000 US and Canada Retail Travel Agencies.
  • INFOPOST – A unique shared monthly mailing to approximately 25,000 retail travel agents USA wide utilizing the INFOX Travel Agent database.
  • Travelpromotions.com – A cooperative program included in our INFOPOST monthly mailing, and broadcast emailed to our Agent Email database 4 times a month, which allows agents to order your travel related products by mail or through our web site.

We also offer Storage and Warehousing services:

  • No Receiving Fees – There is NO fee to receive materials at INFOX’s dock. This is unique in the fulfillment industry. Most fulfillment houses charge between $35.00 and $75.00 per pallet to receive materials.
  • No Recycling Fees – There is no fee to recycle printed materials that are no longer needed. Most fulfillment houses charge between $35.00 and $75.00 per pallet to recycle materials.
  • Real Time Inventory – As orders are entered into the system, inventory is automatically deducted.
  • Revolving Inventory Counts – All material receives a revolving monthly physical inventory count.
  • Reports – Inventory Reports are generated weekly or monthly, or any other interval as requested by the customer. There are no additional charges for one off reports.
  • Racking – All materials are stored on a seismic racking system, insuring safety of all materials.
  • Insurance – All Materials stored at INFOX are covered by a $2,000,000 Insurance Policy

For more information on INFOX, visit them online at www.infox-usa.com.

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