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The Power Of The “Break”

Why do you think that all major strenuous sports activities have breaks? They don’t call them “breaks,” but that is exactly what they are.

Baseball players break every three outs. Football players have half times and timeouts. Basketball players also have a half time. Hockey players need even more rest as they have periods. Tennis players sit down every once in a while to wipe their brows and to take a swig of Gator Aid.

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It is for this exact reason why the idea of a vacation was introduced to the people. I suppose you can toss in the weekend under this concept as well. Eight hours of sleep and an occasional power nap also qualify as some form of break.

Are you getting the picture?

It is not a luxury to take a break. It is a necessity if you want to stay at the top of your game. This goes for you and it goes for me. Getting away from your day-to-day environment long enough to recharge, refresh, and reorganize needs to be scheduled into your yearly business plan.

Professionals appreciate the need to pause. Amateurs continue slugging it out until they look up and ask, “What just happened?”

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