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Using All Available Tools: The Press Release, Part 4

Here are the fifth, sixth and final questions devoted to FREE press coverage.

Often, it is not a dearth of ideas that may be slowing you down, but the technical details of submitting the press release.

Question #5: What other things should I send with my release?

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Answer: Some PR experts say that you should include a cover letter with your release or a press kit. These may be a company brochure, a bio, fact sheets, or previous press clippings. If your press release is strong enough to stand on its own, it won’t need all the extraneous other items. Remember, all editors are very busy people. The easier you make it for them, the higher chance you have of being published.

Question #6: How do I send the release?

Answer: Basically, there are four ways to send a press release: (1) fax, (2) letter, (3) email, and (4) telephone. There are advantages and disadvantages to each medium. Most press releases arrive by email. The advantage of the email is it is easy to edit to fit the available space. It’s very simple to blast it to many editors, and it’s very inexpensive to do.

If you know the editor, and decide to add other supporting documents with your release, a simple letter in an envelope works well. If you address the letter to a specific editor, make sure you have their name correct and spelled right. Just call the local paper and ask for the name of the editor that covers the story you’re writing the release about.

If you send your release through email, do not send it in an attachment. Editors are scared of viruses and will delete it immediately. Just send it in text form.

To pitch your story by phone, prepare a twenty-second elevator speech about your newsworthy story. Then get the name of the reporter, columnist or producer, call them up and ask if it’s a good moment to share your news, and that it will only take 20 seconds. If they say yes, deliver your pitch.

Question #7: What do I do after I send the release?

Answer: Don’t call the editor just to ask if they got your news release and to answer their questions. They did get it and if they have questions they will call you.

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