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Walk Your Talk!

Today’s message involves an article I read in the Florida Sun Sentinel.

It involved customer service, and this particular article featured the DHL Freight & Shipping Company as an example of how to do things right.

Well, as I might have expected, in came a few emails with examples to the contrary as far as DHL’s professionalism and care for their customers were concerned.

I am sure that with a company the size and width of DHL, one could expect a few balls to drop now and then. But that is not the point of today’s message.

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The motto that apparently got DHL to where they are today was quoted as being, “I’m on it.” This is another way of saying “the buck stops here.” As the Ritz Carlton Hotel Chain proudly states, “You tell me your problem, I just bought it.”

Here is today’s reminder:


  • If DHL tells me “they’re on it!”, then they had better be on it.
  • If a Ritz Carlton employee tells me they just bought my problem, then they had better fix it.
  • If you tell anybody anything, you had better do whatever it was you said or implied you were going to do.

Doing so doesn’t mean that you are going to heaven. But not doing so positions you as just another slug along the stressful, anxiety stricken, problem-laden path pointing towards the promised land.

You want to stick out like a sore thumb? Do what you advertise. “Get on it.”

Mike Marchev is the author of the sales book titled Become The Exception and is a popular speaker at industry events. You can receive a complimentary copy of his Special Report titled “Your 12-Word Marketing Plan.” Email Mike and put the number “12” in the subject box. Also, ask about his 3rd Annual Training Cruise coming in November. Mike@MikeMarchev.com.

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