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Book Premium Flights With AccessFares

After more than twenty years in business, AccessFares grew to become the industry leader in premium air travel.  AccessFares provides an unprecedented inventory of published and unpublished international flights in first, business, and premium economy, meaning that you the agent can offer your clients more for less.  Agents will be thrilled to know that AccessFares’ prices are discounted up to 70% and offers highly coveted, hard-to-find unpublished airfares at significantly discounted pricing, letting you determine your own markup.

“Let us remove the guesswork from your international flight requests and provide the best itineraries, cheapest fares, and the most incredible service in the industry. AccessFares does all the research for you. We have thousands of net fares available and offer the highest commissions on published fares.”
-John George, Managing Partner

AccessFares’ premium air agents know how to navigate the fast-changing, complex premium airfare systems and, most importantly, understands the wide-ranging differences between global premium air products and perks. Not all seats upfront are created equal; AccessFares ensures that your clients pay bottom dollar for the very best premium travel experience.

Our fares are obtained manually by a real person in a real office to ensure you receive impressive pricing every time you book with us. We also provide you with an intelligent analysis of a carrier’s business or first class amenities so you can make an informed decision when purchasing premium air travel. Good luck asking a booking engine which airline provides lounging pajamas along with their flat beds!

We do not charge service fees. You do not have to pay to join a “club” or to become a paid “member” to be provided with the industry’s best pricing for premium air travel. No way, no how.

Access fares offers:

  • Origination outside of the US.
  • One Way flights
  • Complex, Multi-City flights
  • No Advance Purchase
  • No Minimum Stay
  • The ability to accrue frequent flyer miles
  • Access to Waivers
  • Hard-to-Find Inventory
  • Heavily Discounted Pricing

“We believe there is an intrinsic value in working with a business that has proven longevity in an industry that all too often is fly-by-night.”

AccessFares also features a ground-breaking travel agent rewards program, weekly commissions, net fares with uncapped mark-ups, and on-time delivery of tickets, overall allowing agents to earn more revenue. Discover for yourself why Travel + Leisure named AccessFares one of the best resources for amazing first and business class airfares.

To learn more about AccessFares, call 1.888.318.4287 or visit them online at

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