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Mental Trigger #1: Authority

It is believed that major purchasing decisions are made emotionally while being justified logically. If this is true, then it makes sense to probe deeper into a few of the individual elements that help influence the emotional aspects of the buying decision.

I recently heard these influences referred to as “Mental Triggers.” In the next few articles I am going to shed some light on these “triggers.” They have all been validated in my life, and I feel very strongly that they will make sense to you.

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An airline pilot is an authority figure. The cruise ship captain is also an authority figure, as are priests, pastors, rabbis, parents, doctors, dentists, lawyers, CPAs, and Financial Advisors.

Note: This positioning statement in and of itself does not mean that they are good at what they do. We usually give authority figures the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. At times, our initial judgment can be proven wrong.

The common denominator is that we usually give credence to the recommendations and suggestions coming from the authority figure. That is why it is important that you become an authority figure in your particular segment of the travel industry.

The fastest way to do this is to label yourself a (Destination) Travel Specialist. I am not suggesting that you lie to people. I am inferring you make a decision.

Once you do label yourself a “specialist,” it is in your best interest to become a specialist… sooner rather than later. This self-designated qualification will force you to study, learn, practice, research, and partake in seminars and workshops designed to accelerate your knowledge in this particular field of interest. Take this self-designation seriously. You will soon be a “specialist.”

Notice that I did not refer to you as an “expert.” You are an agent who specializes in your particular segment of the industry.

A proven way to position yourself as a specialist is to share your knowledge with the marketplace via the written article. Select three to seven tips regarding your topic and document your knowledge as it pertains to these tips. This sounds simple enough. You just have to do it.

The Easy Way

I have been saying this for years: In order to write a meaningful article, the first step is to write a short “lousy” article. I know you can do that. Start by getting your thoughts down on paper. Then through the focused editing process, you will make your article more meaningful. Little-by-little with appropriate additions and deletions where necessary, you will soon have a solid piece of information to share with interested prospects. It does not have to be perfect or worthy of winning an award. It just has to be good… and factual.

I do not recommend you do the editing yourself. A second set of eyes can find confusing passages easier than you can. Since you wrote it, you will have a tendency to dart through passages quickly while glancing over obvious errors. It is truly amazing (if not amusing) just how many gaffs your eyes will pass over.

Once you have written a document complete with information worth sharing, you have to find ways to “share it.” You must offer this information to anybody and everybody who shows an interest in your specialty. Distributing your article is a marketing topic worthy of another Special Report. For now let it suffice to say: Get it out!

It is believed that people heed the advice coming from authority figures. Be one.

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