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Mental Trigger #6: Community

You have undoubtedly heard of the sayings, “There is safety in numbers” and “Great minds think alike.” These are two concepts that comes to mind when explaining the idea of “community.” Like-minded individuals have always come together to organize in a unit of comfort and safety.

Examples of this include religious beliefs, hobby, clubs, and allegiance to sporting teams. Members also like to be easily recognized, and have no hesitation when promoting their affiliation. Harley Davidson paraphernalia, your favorite NFL football player’s jersey number, and bumper stickers are just a few examples you can easily identify with.

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Individuals by and large are social animals, and they enjoy the company and commonalities of others who share their beliefs and feelings.

Becoming a member of and feeling comfortable with a designated community is definitely a mental trigger when it comes to becoming a participant in a group travel program. If you can identify a commonality among a particular market, your chances of zeroing in on their “hot-button” is enhanced. Once a few members put their stamp of approval on your offering, there will soon be others following in their footsteps.

In marketing, I refer to this as “The Hook.” If you can isolate “The Hook,” the chances of you capturing initial attention and delivering your message to receptive ears is much better than trying to force-feed your ideas to people.

The power of people in community. Don’t sell this trigger short.

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