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Common Sense Reminders: Part 1

1. Customers don’t talk to “the company”. They talk to you! I just want to say thank you. I’m a new customer of yours and the way Susan handled my questions and solved my problems was nothing short of excellent. I wish I could receive this type of service from every company I have to deal with.”

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2. Great service starts with a good attitude. Your attitude is our business. Would you like to talk to you? If the answer is “no”, it’s time for an attitude adjustment.

3. There is only one judge of great service… the customer. Do you ask the customer how they rate your service? If not, how do you know what they think?

4. Customers don’t think of themselves as customers. They think of themselves as people who need our help. Enjoy helping people – you’ll do a better job. Our customers are customers second – and people first. It is the job of the sales department to identify customers. Your job is to identify with customers. Learn to look at problems through their eyes.

5. There’s no “right way” to talk to customers. Every customer is different. Every problem is different. So every conversation is different. Some companies use prepared scripts when they deal with customers. That approach makes conversations more efficient, but less valuable. We talk to our customers one at a time.

6. Don’t just talk to customers talk to your fellow employees. You are the voice of the customer inside your company. Give yourself a test: Did a customer say something to you that your entire organization needs to hear? Did you pass the message along?

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