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Delicious Flanders – The Flanders Kitchen Rebels

Flanders-Belgium is a fairy-tale destination where streets are paved with chocolate cobblestones and the air is filled with the smell of hot waffles, fries, and beer. Or so they say. Are you ready to discover delicious Flanders?

Gastronomy is an integral part of Flemish identity. The love of good food and beer is in the Flemish DNA. Spending time over a quality meal at home or out in a restaurant is part of the culture in Flanders.

Flemish wave

The combination of fresh local products, talented chefs, and the love of dining are at the root of this fine food culture. With a new Flemish Wave of young, talented chefs, Flanders is set to become the new destination for gourmet food lovers.

Journalists and visitors from all over the world are full of praise for the affordable and quality-driven restaurants, often at unique locations, that can be found in Flanders. There are a large number of excellent restaurants, bistros, brasseries, and bars per capita.

Going local

There is more to the Flanders region than chocolate and beer; a huge variety of unique products are available. Just think about the treasures of the North Sea shrimp, or think of hop sprouts, chicory, asparagus, etc. Flanders’ cuisine is hard to define with just a few typical dishes. Chefs are continuously searching for the best ingredients within their region, from their own local growers and farmers.

Loving the good life

Flanders has a special culinary history, with many dishes from the Middle Ages still popular in the country’s folk cuisine. Modern chefs enjoy reviving and putting their own stamp on these traditional dishes, and the Flemish epicurean nature means we savor and enjoy delicious food.

The Flanders Kitchen Rebels

Flanders abounds with fine food, making it the perfect testing ground for Flanders Kitchen Rebels. The Flanders Kitchen Rebels brings together 22 top chefs under the age of 35 with a passion for Flemish cuisine and pure ingredients. Innovation, creation, and a dash of rock ‘n’ roll are the top ingredients in these chefs’ kitchens.

Vlaamse stoofcarbonades (Flemish stew with beer and fried potatoes)
[/media-credit] Vlaamse stoofcarbonades (Flemish stew with beer and fried potatoes)


A Flanders Kitchen Rebel chef has respect and affection for local products, their producers, and their growers. Although ingredients from all over the world are available in Flanders, chefs love sourcing produce and other food items close to home, in their own area, or in some cases from their own gardens. You can’t get any fresher than that.


The young chefs create dishes in their own style; this is what makes them innovators in the world of fine dining in Flanders. Keep open minds as they seek out the best combinations of flavours, with an eye for detail and a powerful drive to reduce ingredients to their purest form. The culinary scene of Flanders boasts a wealth of young talent, innovative chefs that aim for perfection while utilizing cutting-edge techniques and home-grown products. The Flanders Kitchen Rebels push boundaries; surrounded by their teams, sommeliers, and hosts and hostesses, these chefs create a total experience that whisks guests away on a true culinary journey.

Cutting-edge craftsmanship

Powered by their knowledge and skill, the chefs are true masters of their art, trained at the best hotel schools in Flanders. This training has sharpened their knowledge of ingredients, cooking techniques, and discipline.

So we dare you: Have a bite, and fall in love with the world-class cuisine of Flanders-Belgium.

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