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Discover Balmy Grand Turk With ShoreTrips

A quiet oasis away from the modern conveniences and distractions of many of the other Turks and Caicos islands, Grand Turk life moves at a more sedate pace. The island is resplendent with classic glistening beaches and azure waters, making it a popular stomping ground for major cruise ship lines.

60-Second Geography

Grand Turk

Catamaran visiting Grand Turk
[/media-credit] Grand Turk
Cruise Central Beach
[/media-credit] Cruise Central Beach

  • As an island surrounded by salt water, it comes as no surprise to many visitors that Grand Turk has always had a thriving salt industry. The Salt Museum educates and displays the history and importance the salt industry has had on the island. Inside you will find exhibits on Bermuda Sloops, boats made of cedar utilized for gathering and shipping salt. A walk along the salt canals will bring you the windmills, once used to regulate the flow of pickle and brine between salt ponds.
  • The only lighthouse in the country, the Grand Turk Lighthouse has been steering sailors away from disaster since 1852. Construction began in England before the structure made its way to Grand Turk, originally running on whale oil before being outfitted for electricity in 1971. The lighthouse itself is not open to the public, but the grounds are, and a small snack shop in the former light-keeper’s house offers delicious snacks while you explore the stunning grounds.
  • Just one mile off the coast of Grand Turk, Gibbs Cay also goes by the name of “Stingray Cay”. Whenever a boat lands on the island, the stingrays know they’ll soon be eating free fish and squid! While their name can sound intimidating, the stingrays of Gibbs Cay are very tame, allowing humans to pick them up and feed them by hand. This seven-acre island also has quiet beaches near and away from the stingray frenzy, for fantastic snorkeling, swimming, and diving.
  • The capital of the Turks and Caicos islands, Cockburn Town is a remnant of post-colonial Grand Turk. The narrow winding streets are lined with charmingly ancient lanterns, and it is said that the city sits on the site of the first landing of Ponce de León. The true jewel of the town is the Turks & Caicos National Museum, with amazing nautical displays on everything from shipwrecks to messages in a bottle.
  • The site of another famous explorer’s first landing is believed to also be on the island of Grand Turk, at the Columbus Landfall Marine National Park. Inside this national park are some of the best beaches on the entire island, including the Cruise Center Beach, Governor’s Beach, Cockburn Town Beach, and the best diving areas on the island. Fishing and removing any natural or historical artifacts from the park is strictly prohibited.
  • For a unique beach experience, consider taking a stroll along the lapping waves on the back of a majestic equine steed. Besides a brisk trot along the sand, your guide will pull the saddle, allowing you to ride your horse straight into the Atlantic Ocean! Nothing is more exhilarating than riding in the endless waves with a beautiful one thousand pound creature swimming with you.

Tour Grand Turk with ShoreTrips

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This small, intimate resort is the only property on Grand Turk that is able to deliver a quiet and calming experience. We discovered this property after scouring the island and therefore developed this opportunity which allows time to enjoy this resort as if you were overnight guests. Just arrive at your own pace by taxi, not included, and check-in. From the moment you arrive until your departure, the timetable is yours to determine for the day.


Sure, we get it, when you are traveling in the Caribbean you want to get right to the beaches and blue waters. We’ll get you there, but it isn’t a port visit without exploring the culture and city around you! With an air-conditioned vehicle meeting you right off the pier, your expert guide will take you on an all-encompassing historical island tour. Learn about everything from the Tiano Indians who first inhabited the island to Grand Turk’s only export, salt. Area residents take great pride in their 8-mile long island and their enthusiasm will certainly rub off onto you!


Our Grand Turk dive shop specializes in small dive groups, enabling them to keep their dive trips unique. Unlike large group diving, attention is focused on the individual. The staff and guests are happier as a result!

A great dive starts from the moment you arrive. Usually, it’s just a short five to 15-minute boat ride away. You will receive a pre-dive briefing and a guide will be in the water on all dives. Computer divers are allowed to set their own profiles to maximize bottom time.

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