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Facts & Rules: Part 2

68% – I want you to remember that customers will come and customers will go. They will enter your life and depart at different times. You can think of this as the “customer cycle of contribution”. The fact is when customers choose to part company with you, they do so, more often than not, for a reason. And the reason, more often than not, is not the reason you think it is. 68% of the customers you lose will not be leaving because of something you did. They will be leaving because of something you did not do. 68% of lost customers choose to buzz-off simply because they feel you don’t care about them. Think about this and then do something about this. This percentage should be closer to 5% in my mind. 68%? This is pitiful. Do something about this now.

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35% – This is another percentage meant to get your attention and raise the cackles on the back of your neck. Supposedly, this is the percentage of the customers you actually keep and enjoy any degree of ongoing business. I know. You swear that this percentage is higher for you. I hope it is. Studies indicate it is not. Believe it or not, do something about it or not, the choice is yours. Don’t ever tell me I did not tell you so.

6 to 1 Ratio – This relationship is quick and easy. It takes six times the investment to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. Six times! How do you want to spend your money?

3-33 – For every three people who will take the time and make the effort to say something positive and glowing about you and your service, there are 33 others waiting in the wings to spew a negative report about you. Bad news travels faster than good news… much faster. Make your news good news and allow it to seep into the marketplace.

Stress – This is a favorite topic of mine. We all agree that stress does not flatter us, nor is it something we should be particularly proud of. Stress is the result of outside forces building to a point where we slowly start losing control of our mental and bodily functions.

We are not born with stress, yet we manage to accept it as a daily element of adult existence. I don’t agree with this. You choose to accept stress and you do so for a number of reasons. Stress has become a badge of honor in America it seems. People talk about it as if the more you have, the higher your status in the community. Stress can kill you folks, not unlike cancer or drunk driving. You don’t brag about those two incidents yet you brag about your stress level. Stop it.

Stress is the result of losing control. The answer then lies with your maintaining control… of your health, weight, attitude, job, life, family, etc. Get control of your decisions again and your stress will follow suit.

Another thing you can do right now to minimize excessive stress: stop pretending the world operates differently than it does. If you can manage this mind-set and simply allow that which you can’t control to run its course, you will be much happier, as your stress levels will plummet.

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