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Find a NACTA Chapter Near You

The National Association of Career Travel Agents (NACTA) is the foremost Travel Industry Association dedicated to providing the finest education, training, networking, and representation in support of Career Travel Consultants.

Established in 1986, NACTA was and still is the original travel association with the mission to represent the interests of individual travel consultants, gradually expanding to all professional sellers of travel. NACTA’s host travel agencies and suppliers support this growing distribution channel.

NACTA is continuing the objective to promote professionalism and recognition of our productive group of travel consultants. The association retains its role to focus on the development of the travel consultant through educational programs designed for our valued members. In addition, NACTA offers member benefits such as health care insurance, discounts on office supplies, and more. Our overall objective is to enhance and secure the success of the professional travel consultant.

Our Suppliers and Host Agency partners find NACTA members to have a strong reputation and are highly regarded as the best professional sellers of travel. We work to provide an exceptional forum not only for members to network with each other, but also for members to build relationships with NACTA’s strategic supplier partners.

NACTA is a wholly owned affiliate of ASTA, the American Society of Travel Agents. ASTA and NACTA, while separate associations, work to protect and enhance the entire retail distribution channel.

NACTA has added 11 new chapters across the USA in 2015 to support independent travel consultants. The Palmetto Chapter in South Carolina has been revitalized with two Co-Directors. For the Chapter Directors, NACTA holds one Chapter Director Conference each May and meets a second time in person as a leadership team at the NACTA annual conference. New Chapter locations include:

New 2015 NACTA chapters include the following:


Director: Victoria Cantrell Co-Director: Linda Gaddy
Chapter: Los Angeles, CA Chapter: Palm Treasure, Florida
Email: Email:
Phone: 424-237-8117 Phone: 561-577-3435


Co-Director: Debbie Pascalli Director : Denise Johnson
Chapter: Palm Treasure, Florida Chapter: Central Florida
Email: Email:
Phone: 561-309-7445 Phone: 407-571-9336


Director: Sandy Keel Director: Ken Kimi
Chapter: North Florida Chapter: Hawai’i
Email: Email:
Phone: 904-374-1896 Phone: 808-836-0965


Director: Susan Vandivier Co-Director: Robin Beard
Chapter: Indiana Chapter: Baton Rouge, LA
(Formerly OSSN chapter)
Email: Email:
Phone: 317-341-2824 Phone: 225-766-7132


Co-Director: Louise Rumfello Director: Shelia Sweet
Chapter: Baton Rouge, LA
(formerly OSSN Chapter)
Chapter: Las Vegas, NV
Email: Email:
Phone: 225-677-7508 Phone: 253-370-5822


Director: Fred Kerner Director: Dan Lanser
Chapter: Southern Ohio Chapter: Northern Ohio
Email: Email:
Phone: 614-486-1943 Phone: 330-966-9060


Director: Reece Oslinker Co-Director: Raquel Felder
Chapter: North Pennsylvania/North New Jersey Chapter: Palmetto, SC
Email: Email:
Phone: 570-424-0918 Phone: 803-619-9057


Co-Director: Teresa Pitts
Chapter: Palmetto, SC
Phone: 843-406-5216


This year’s meeting will be held November 8th in Kona, HI, with the theme as: “Building Chapter Momentum”. The Chapter meetings are co-chaired by 2 NACTA Region Directors to ensure the content of the meeting is representative of Chapter needs, and to support incoming directors while inspiring new ideas for existing CDs. NACTA has a Region Director leadership team of 6 to help mentor the Chapter Directors and act as a “two-way liaison” between NACTA HQ and the Chapter Directors in the field. NACTA Chapters operate under Chapter guidelines (that they helped to create), but still keep their own unique personality to best suit the area they serve. NACTA HQ helps source suppliers to support the chapter meetings and events and offers a “give-back” incentive program to reward Chapters meeting its goals.For a complete listing of all NACTA chapters and to join the NACTA community, please contact your local NACTA Chapter Director.

For more information on NACTA and to find a local chapter near you, visit them online at

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