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Sales Mistake #2: Not Being Obsessed With Helping People

If you want to get to the top of this profession, you have to stop worrying about yourself and start thinking about helping others. Sounds absurdly simple. It isn’t.

Your primary goal is to stop selling and to start helping others.

When you try to sell, it appears to everyone that you are selling, and nobody I know enjoys being “sold.” But when you are legitimately openly and sincerely interested in helping people, you will have their undivided attention, and eventually the combination to their checkbook. Selling and helping are two entirely different mind-sets.

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A well-known sales trainer once went on record to say: “Focus on helping others first, and your turn will come.”

Looking at it from a different angle, make it your business to make other people successful. That can be your new mission statement: “To make others successful.”

If your product or service can help make other people successful, you will soon be positioned high on your personal success ladder.

Bottom line: Get out of “you” and into “them”. Focus on trying to help other people succeed. Use what you know and who you know for a single purpose, and that is to help others.

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