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Sales Mistake #7: Not Taking Detailed Notes

Relying on memory is a fatal practice. Here is the long and short of it: Write everything down. Take notes.

Memories can be short. Nights are for sleeping, not tossing and turning trying to remember if you have forgotten some important issue for tomorrow’s sales presentation.

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The master at this is a client/friend of mine. This man is running a $150 million company and forgets nothing: Paul has a mind like a steel trap. Or does he? He is the best I know for not dropping the ball while juggling a great many of them at any single moment in time.

His secret is no secret: he writes things down. He writes everything down, and he doesn’t throw the note away until he feels that he has received complete satisfaction by his definition. Once the task is appropriately addressed, completed, or formally delegated, he takes the piece of paper and rips it into tiny shreds before throwing it away, which clears his mind for the next one. When this guy crosses something off his list, it stays crossed off.

Write things down and give your memory a much needed rest.

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