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Save Your Clients Pesos With MONEYBACK Mexico

MONEYBACK is Mexico’s leading tax refund service provider for international travelers with over 50 service locations throughout the country, covering 98% of all the points of departure. MONEYBACK opened its doors in August 2008, offering tax refund services in Mexico City and Los Cabos. Since then, the company has expanded to Cancun, Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, among many other destinations in Mexico. Operated by travel industry professionals who understand the needs of international travelers visiting Mexico, MONEYBACK prides itself in offering fast and efficient tax refund services to leisure and business travelers. Mexico’s leading tax return company refunds 8.9% of shopping expenses to international travelers. MONEYBACK’s goal is to promote the best leisure and business shopping destinations in Mexico.

MONEYBACK offers international travelers an 8.9% refund of the total amount they spend when shopping in Mexico at any of the 6,000 affiliated stores. There is no limit when paying with credit card, but the minimum purchase required is $1,200 pesos (approximately $93 CAD/$73 USD). Purchases in cash don’t require a minimum but are limited to $3,000 pesos (approximately $232 CAD/$182 USD).

To file a refund, international travelers must request a VAT itemized invoice at any of the 6,000 participating stores when making a purchase and submit it at the closest MONEYBACK office along with the shopping incentive refund form including travel agent’s name, credit card vouchers, copy of their passport, cruise ID or immigration form and boarding pass, before leaving the country. In less than 45 days, travelers will receive their refund.

In three easy steps, you will receive a tax refund for your purchases in Mexico, directly credited to the credit card of your choice. Through efficient tax refunds, our main goal is to promote the best tourist and business destinations in Mexico as internationally competitive shopping destinations world wide. This service benefits all foreign tourists or business travelers shopping in Mexico traveling by airplane or cruise ship.

Beginning in April of 2015, MONEYBACK began selecting the travel agent that has recommended the most clients and awarding them a $300 debit card at the end of each month. To enter the promotion, travel agents must register at the MONEYBACK website, download the shopping incentive refund forms, and include their email, name, and agency’s names. Travel agents must include the refund forms with their customers’ travel documents, ask them to print and sign, and bring the paperwork with them to Mexico. Travel agents have the option to fill out the forms on behalf of their clients.

“The most effective way to create awareness and inform travelers about MONEYBACK’s services is through travel agents,” said Danielle van der Kwartel, General Director of MONEYBACK. “The promotion was launched as an incentive for travel agents to recommend MONEYBACK and as a way to thank them for helping us spread the word about our services with their clients.”

The travel agent that has recommended the most clients will be selected the last day of each month and notified via email.

MONEYBACK works closely with travel agents by providing training on its services to help them assist their clients when traveling to Mexico.

To learn more about MONEYBACK Mexico, visit them online at

Travel agents can request brochures by email to Please send your mail address, name and number of brochures you’d like to receive.

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