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Stuff happens; fix it!

The Northeast Blackout of 2003 was big news more than a decade ago. One minute, there was light. In less than a blink, and without warning, there was none. Just like that.

This is yet another example of how quickly things change. How quickly things can change. And, how quickly things will change. One minute you are sailing nicely, the next you are hung up on a sand bar. One minute you have all the business you can handle, the next your pipeline is drier than an Arizona mid-summer’s day. One minute, life is grand … the next you get snakebit by an unexpected phone call from a distant relative.

Stuff Happens.

The lights went out in Georgia …. and they went out in New York. You could be next. And as a matter of fact, you should plan on it. Someday, your lights will go out–count on it. And my question to you is–will you be able to handle it?

Ask yourself, “What is the absolute worst thing that could happen to me this week?”

Then, do everything in your power to make certain it does not happen. Here a few examples to help grease your wheels.

  • Pulled your back muscle? Stretch some more.
  • Lost a critical account? Call them and ask them what went wrong and ask if you can earn their business again.
  • Your spouse or significant other is mad at you. Talk about it, apologize if needed, highlight the good.
  • Kids on drugs? Take in a ballgame as a family and take a genuine interest in their lives.
  • Reprimanded at work? Get to work earlier, stop whining and bust your butt to do a better job.
  • Got fired? Get out and network. Update your resume.
  • Pet runs away? Fix the hole in the fence.
  • Lose an important paper? Organize your filing system better.
  • What about that blackout? Make sure you have batteries and a flashlight or two.
  • You don’t have to be caught in the dark if you just exercise a little emotional intelligence. Make it your business to make certain you are prepared for the worst by not allowing it to happen. This simple exercise will most definitely position you as one who is truly the exception.

Bonus Tip: From personal experience. To avoid losing data (ie: your entire business) in a computer crash, backup…backup…backup! And store a copy off-site.

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