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What about me?

When my internet provider bought out a competitor the switch made my life miserable. I had all sorts of problems, and let’s just say that I wasn’t a happy surfer.

My local newspaper printed an article about the whole mess mentioning how clients were more than mildly upset. When I saw my cable company in the headline, my attention was drawn to the article. It said in effect, “Hey bub, if you are the recipient from this bogus treatment, I’m talking to you.”

When the article stated that they were having trouble all over the country, they couldn’t have impressed me less. I was concerned about New Jersey. I didn’t care about Kansas and I don’t care about Iowa. When they started to talk about how this problem was also affecting television viewers, I found myself skimming through the article. My TV worked fine.

It was only when I spotted the words “New Jersey,” “Internet,” “problem,” and “fix,” did I concentrate on what was being written.

What was happening here? I was only reading what concerned me, and that was the internet problem I was having in New Jersey. I wanted to know what they were going to do about it!

Take a lesson and get this straight—big and bold for emphasis!


It is the only world they know and care about, and the only world they have time for. Your prospects and customers only hear and see the words that involve them. Period!

So when you write a letter or email to a customer, write it with your customer in mind. When you speak to a client, focus on your client. When you make a proposal to a prospect, offer solutions to your prospect’s immediate concerns. It is always about them.

Don’t think about you—think about them!

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