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What Do (Most) People Want

1. To Feel Welcome: Who doesn’t enjoy the feeling that their presence is appreciated? I know I do. There is nothing as cold and unnerving as the feeling that you are not welcome in a particular environment. This is easy to address. Make others feel welcome, and they will reward you for doing so… in time.

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2. To Feel Comfortable: This goes hand-in-hand with feeling welcome. When one is unfamiliar with their environment, there is a tendency to feel uncomfortable. Go out of your way to make strangers, guests, and visitors feel as comfortable as best you can. Some will take longer to warm up than others. All you can do is all you can do. My style is to act as if my guests are a part of the furniture. I treat them as if they already belong. I don’t fuss over them. This happens to work for me. Mi Casa… You Casa (I think)… or something like that.

3. To Be Understood: Nothing is more frustrating than to “state your case” or offer your opinion and have others misinterpret your meaning or miss your message altogether. You don’t necessarily have to endorse my side of the story, but at the very least, I would like you understand what it is I am saying.

4. To Feel Important: Everybody is a “big shot” in their own mind, or at least in their own little cozy environment. Upon leaving the “safety” of one’s known environment, the picture changes, and it is often quite unnerving. Make others feel important in your presence and this small courtesy will serve you well. The easiest and fastest way to deliver this message is to “listen” to what others have to say AFTER asking them some pertinent questions. Get them talking, listen intently, and they will feel important.

5. To Be Recognized: Being a “somebody” is just natural, and the way it should be. In such a crowded indifferent world this is often overlooked in the name of “hectic pace”. Slow down. Remember people’s names. Focus on who you are talking to. Call people by their names. Recognize those who have voluntarily entered your world. People like to be recognized.

6. To Receive Timely Service: If I am as important as I like to think I am, then it is only natural for you to want to service me in a timely fashion. After all I am a very busy person. You want my attention for years to come, supply me with the timely service I feel I deserve.

7. To Receive Orderly Service: If you don’t know what you are doing, go learn what you are paid to do. Don’t waste my time as you wander through your learning curve. I am in a hurry in most cases. Please do your homework prior to my entrance so you don’t waste my time. It is your business. You should know what you are doing.

8. To Be Helped: I don’t know how to make this any clearer. When in trouble, people like to be helped. When in need, people like to be helped. When faced with a snag, situation, or negative occurrence, people like to be helped. Help them.

9. To Feel Appreciated: Look! There are only 1,000 other places I could spend my time and my money. I chose you. The least you can do is recognize that I have options and show a little appreciation for my decision to spend my time with you. Get it? People do not like to be taken for granted. Nobody likes to be taken for granted. Show appreciation… regularly.

10. To Feel Respected: Again, I am at a loss for words on #10. People like to feel respected. This kind of sums up the entire Want List. I try to show respect by addressing people as Mr. and Mrs. until they give me permission or direction to use their first name. People usually don’t need to be cow-towed to after they are shown that they have earned your respect.

Notice in each of the ten “wants” listed above the words “be,” “feel”, and “receive” took center stage.

People like To Be… To Feel… To Receive. Give it to them.

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