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Why People Can Be Difficult

1. Tired & Frustrated. Think of how you felt after a long drive, or having been lost in a new neighborhood, after dark. You simply were not at your best, and when your patience was tested in this situation, chances are you came across a bit terse.

2. Confused. In addition to being embarrassed, confusion can lend itself to a shortened temper.

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3. Defending Ego/Self-Esteem. Nobody likes to feel foolish or inept. When we are challenged and made to feel less than squared away, we often times come across as unbearable or defensive.

4. Similar Situation. We have been here before and been treated poorly. Why should this time be any different? “You are not going to get away with it this time, buster.”

5. Ignored. We are all Big Shots in our own world. We want to be paid attention to. This is as normal as the day is long. Some days we can put up with disregard longer than others.

6. Alcohol/Drugs. Funny things can happen when our blood begins to thin and our mental functions become somewhat impaired. You know it, and I know it.

7. Language. “Don’t you understand me. I’m speaking slowly, or louder than usual?” And you? I can’t understand a word you are saying.

8. Bad Mood. People can feel bad, sad, mad, or angry. When the answer is “bad”, there is little you can do but allow time to run its course. “I just don’t feel good and I don’t want to be nice today.” This can be physical or mental. In both instances, audience beware!

9. In a Hurry. You don’t understand. I am late and have to meet someone right away. Can’t you just make change and hurry up? This is a biggie.

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