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#7: Better Ask Questions

Somewhere along the way, some not-so-smart guy or gal suggested that in order to excel in sales, one must exhibit the “gift of gab.” Nothing (spelled NOTHING) could be further from the truth.

The warden in the movie Cool Hand Luke also had it wrong when he reminded Paul Newman that “what we have here is a failure to communicate.” Nope! Wrong again.

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  • What we do have is a failure to ask better questions.
  • What we do have are sales people who feel that it is their job to talk.
  • What we do have in epidemic proportions is a severe lack of listening, hearing, interpreting, and internalizing information as it is supplied by our prospects and clients.

What do you think? Can you expand on that? Is there a particular reason or recent experience that makes you think that way? Do you have any other feelings on that particular subject? Are you planning to do something about it? What? Why? How? When? Why not?

You get my point.

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